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The Walking Dead

TV Series
8.1 2010

4.93% of users on Odanta have watched this.

Sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes awakens from a coma to find a post-apocalyptic world dominated by flesh-eating zombies. He sets out to find his family and encounters many other survivors along the way.

Norman Reedus image
Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon
Melissa McBride image
Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier
Lauren Cohan image
Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene
Danai Gurira image
Danai Gurira as Michonne Hawthorne
Andrew Lincoln image
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes
Christian Serratos image
Christian Serratos as Rosita Espinosa
Josh McDermitt image
Josh McDermitt as Eugene Porter
Chandler Riggs image
Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes
Seth Gilliam image
Seth Gilliam as Gabriel Stokes
Steven Yeun image
Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee
Ross Marquand image
Ross Marquand as Aaron
Jeffrey Dean Morgan image
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan Smith
Khary Payton image
Khary Payton as Ezekiel Sutton
Alanna Masterson image
Alanna Masterson as Tara Chambler
Cooper Andrews image
Cooper Andrews as Jerry
Sonequa Martin-Green image
Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha Williams
Michael Cudlitz image
Michael Cudlitz as Abraham Ford
Lennie James image
Lennie James as Morgan Jones
Emily Kinney image
Emily Kinney as Beth Greene
Callan McAuliffe image
Callan McAuliffe as Alden
Eleanor Matsuura image
Eleanor Matsuura as Yumiko Okumura
Nadia Hilker image
Nadia Hilker as Magna
Cailey Fleming image
Cailey Fleming as Judith Grimes
Cassady McClincy image
Cassady McClincy as Lydia
Angel Theory image
Angel Theory as Kelly
Katelyn Nacon image
Katelyn Nacon as Enid
Scott Wilson image
Scott Wilson as Hershel Greene
Lauren Ridloff image
Lauren Ridloff as Connie
Samantha Morton image
Samantha Morton as Dee
Sarah Wayne Callies image
Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes
Laurie Holden image
Laurie Holden as Andrea Harrison
David Morrissey image
David Morrissey as Philip Blake
Kerry Cahill image
Kerry Cahill as Dianne
Tom Payne image
Tom Payne as Jesus Rovia
Chad L. Coleman image
Chad L. Coleman as Tyreese Williams
Paola Lázaro image
Paola Lázaro as Princess Sánchez
Ryan Hurst image
Ryan Hurst as Beta
Michael James Shaw image
Michael James Shaw as Michael Mercer
Josh Hamilton image
Josh Hamilton as Lance Hornsby
Laila Robins image
Laila Robins as Pamela Milton
Antony Azor image
Antony Azor as RJ Grimes
Kenric Green image
Kenric Green as Scott
Jason Douglas image
Jason Douglas as Tobin
Jon Bernthal image
Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh
Lindsley Register image
Lindsley Register as Laura
Jeffrey DeMunn image
Jeffrey DeMunn as Dale Horvath
Michael Rooker image
Michael Rooker as Merle Dixon
Okea Eme-Akwari image
Okea Eme-Akwari as Elijah
Dan Fogler image
Dan Fogler as Luke Abrams
Anabelle Holloway image
Anabelle Holloway as Gracie
Markice Moore image
Markice Moore as Andrew
Kyle Gallner image
Kyle Gallner as Zach
Jordan Woods-Robinson image
Jordan Woods-Robinson as Eric Raleigh
Lawrence Gilliard Jr. image
Lawrence Gilliard Jr. as Bob Stookey
Matt Mangum image
Matt Mangum as DJ
Kien Michael Spiller image
Kien Michael Spiller as Hershel Rhee
Pollyanna McIntosh image
Pollyanna McIntosh as Anne
Margot Bingham image
Margot Bingham as Max Mercer
Xander Berkeley image
Xander Berkeley as Gregory
Jane McNeill image
Jane McNeill as Patricia
James Allen McCune image
James Allen McCune as Jimmy
Steven Ogg image
Steven Ogg as Simon
Jose Pablo Cantillo image
Jose Pablo Cantillo as Caesar Martínez
Sydney Park image
Sydney Park as Cyndie
James Chen image
James Chen as Kal
Karen Ceesay image
Karen Ceesay as Bertie
Tovah Feldshuh image
Tovah Feldshuh as Deanna Monroe
Alexandra Breckenridge image
Alexandra Breckenridge as Jessie Anderson
Macsen Lintz image
Macsen Lintz as Henry
Joshua Mikel image
Joshua Mikel as Jared
Elizabeth Faith Ludlow image
Elizabeth Faith Ludlow as Arat
Matt Lintz image
Matt Lintz as Henry
Gustavo Gomez image
Gustavo Gomez as Marco
Tyler James Williams image
Tyler James Williams as Noah
John Finn image
John Finn as Earl Sutton
Default cast image
Mandi Christine Kerr as Barbara
Dallas Roberts image
Dallas Roberts as Milton Mamet
Brighton Sharbino image
Brighton Sharbino as Lizzie Samuels
Ann Mahoney image
Ann Mahoney as Olivia
Austin Abrams image
Austin Abrams as Ron Anderson
Merritt Wever image
Merritt Wever as Denise Cloyd
Mike Seal image
Mike Seal as Gary
Briana Venskus image
Briana Venskus as Beatrice
Madison Lintz image
Madison Lintz as Sophia Peletier
Jayson Warner Smith image
Jayson Warner Smith as Gavin
Lynn Collins image
Lynn Collins as Leah Shaw
Teo Rapp-Olsson image
Teo Rapp-Olsson as Sebastian Milton
Medina Senghore image
Medina Senghore as Annie
Vincent M. Ward image
Vincent M. Ward as Oscar
Melissa Ponzio image
Melissa Ponzio as Karen
Michael Traynor image
Michael Traynor as Nicholas
Thomas Francis Murphy image
Thomas Francis Murphy as Brion
Mimi Kirkland image
Mimi Kirkland as Rachel Ward
Elyse Dufour image
Elyse Dufour as Frankie
Brett Butler image
Brett Butler as Tammy Rose Sutton
T. Love image
T. Love as Shumpert
Tamara Austin image
Tamara Austin as Nora
Alex Sgambati image
Alex Sgambati as Jules Butler
Jackson Pace image
Jackson Pace as Gage
Avianna Mynhier image
Avianna Mynhier as Rachel Ward
Ian Anthony Dale image
Ian Anthony Dale as Tomi Okumura
Jeryl Prescott image
Jeryl Prescott as Jacqui
Tyler Chase image
Tyler Chase as Ben
Daniel Thomas May image
Daniel Thomas May as Allen
Chloe Aktas image
Chloe Aktas as Tanya
Kyla Kenedy image
Kyla Kenedy as Mika Samuels
Nicole Barré image
Nicole Barré as Kathy
Ted Huckabee image
Ted Huckabee as Bruce
R. Keith Harris image
R. Keith Harris as Harlan Carson
Jeff Kober image
Jeff Kober as Joe
Moses J. Moseley image
Moses J. Moseley as Walker (uncredited)
Chelle Ramos image
Chelle Ramos as Shira
Andrew Rothenberg image
Andrew Rothenberg as Jim
Default cast image
Corey Brill as Pete Anderson
Benedict Samuel image
Benedict Samuel as Owen
Juan Gabriel Pareja image
Juan Gabriel Pareja as Morales
Traci Dinwiddie image
Traci Dinwiddie as Regina
Kelley Mack image
Kelley Mack as Addy
Davi Jay image
Davi Jay as Tony
Anthony Michael Lopez image
Anthony Michael Lopez as Oscar
Glenn Stanton image
Glenn Stanton as Frost
Kevin Carroll image
Kevin Carroll as Virgil
Default cast image
Adam Minarovich as Ed Peletier
Michael Zegen image
Michael Zegen as Randall Culver
Sunkrish Bala image
Sunkrish Bala as Caleb Subramanian
Andrew J. West image
Andrew J. West as Gareth
Chris Coy image
Chris Coy as Martin
Steve Coulter image
Steve Coulter as Reg Monroe
Logan Miller image
Logan Miller as Benjamin
Brett Gentile image
Brett Gentile as Freddie
Sabrina Gennarino image
Sabrina Gennarino as Tamiel
Rebecca Koon image
Rebecca Koon as Cheryl
James Devoti image
James Devoti as Cole
Branton Box image
Branton Box as Fisher
Ritchie Coster image
Ritchie Coster as Pope
Default cast image
Eric LeBlanc as Powell
Cameron Scott Roberts image
Cameron Scott Roberts as Tyler Davis
Ethan McDowell image
Ethan McDowell as Washington
Default cast image
Lex Lauletta as Austin
Michael Tourek image
Michael Tourek as Roman Calhoun
Monique Yvette Grant image
Monique Yvette Grant as Colonel Vickers
Martinez image
Martinez as David
Donzaleigh Abernathy image
Donzaleigh Abernathy as Dr. Stevens
Lawrence Kao image
Lawrence Kao as Tim
Alexa Nikolas image
Alexa Nikolas as Haley
Luke Donaldson image
Luke Donaldson as Luke
Audrey Marie Anderson image
Audrey Marie Anderson as Lily Chambler
J.D. Evermore image
J.D. Evermore as Harley
Tiffany Morgan image
Tiffany Morgan as Erin
Joshua Hoover image
Joshua Hoover as Joseph
Autumn Dial image
Autumn Dial as Amber
Christine Evangelista image
Christine Evangelista as Sherry
Blaine Kern III image
Blaine Kern III as Brandon Rose
Zach McGowan image
Zach McGowan as Justin
Rhys Coiro image
Rhys Coiro as Jed
Meyrick Murphy image
Meyrick Murphy as Meghan Chambler
Noah Lomax image
Noah Lomax as Louis Morales
Maddie Lomax image
Maddie Lomax as Eliza Morales
Viviana Chavez image
Viviana Chavez as Miranda Morales
Marcus Hester image
Marcus Hester as Len
Denise Crosby image
Denise Crosby as Mary
Christine Woods image
Christine Woods as Dawn Lerner
Erik Jensen image
Erik Jensen as Steven Edwards
Daniel Bonjour image
Daniel Bonjour as Aiden Monroe
David Marshall Silverman image
David Marshall Silverman as Kent
Karl Makinen image
Karl Makinen as Richard
Tim Parati image
Tim Parati as Emmett Carson
Daniel Newman image
Daniel Newman as Daniel
Deborah May image
Deborah May as Natania
Joe Ando-Hirsh image
Joe Ando-Hirsh as Rodney
Vincent Martella image
Vincent Martella as Patrick
Carlos Navarro image
Carlos Navarro as Alvaro
Jerri Tubbs image
Jerri Tubbs as Margo
David Shae image
David Shae as Alfred
Laurie Fortier image
Laurie Fortier as Agatha
Marcus Lewis image
Marcus Lewis as Duncan
Alex Meraz image
Alex Meraz as Carver
Dikran Tulaine image
Dikran Tulaine as Mancea
Robert Hayes image
Robert Hayes as Paul Wells
Dane Davenport image
Dane Davenport as Ancheta
Default cast image
Chiara Misawa as Mei
Zac Zedalis image
Zac Zedalis as Boone
Michael Hanson image
Michael Hanson as Jake Daniels
Default cast image
Braian Rivera Jimenez as Green
Jason Butler Harner image
Jason Butler Harner as Toby Carlson
Default cast image
Preston James Hillier as April's Father
Korbi Dean image
Korbi Dean as April's Mother
Noah Emmerich image
Noah Emmerich as Edwin Jenner
Aaron Munoz image
Aaron Munoz as Tony
Pruitt Taylor Vince image
Pruitt Taylor Vince as Otis
Theodus Crane image
Theodus Crane as Big Tiny
Nick Gomez image
Nick Gomez as Tomas
Arthur Bridgers image
Arthur Bridgers as Crowley
E. Roger Mitchell image
E. Roger Mitchell as Paul
Kerry Condon image
Kerry Condon as Clara
Victor McCay image
Victor McCay as Ryan Samuels
Robin Lord Taylor image
Robin Lord Taylor as Sam
Kirk Acevedo image
Kirk Acevedo as Mitch Dolgen
Juliana Harkavy image
Juliana Harkavy as Alisha
April Billingsley image
April Billingsley as Theresa
Stuart Greer image
Stuart Greer as Roman
Default cast image
Justin Kucsulain as Ethan
Curtis Jackson image
Curtis Jackson as Bob Miller
Default cast image
Peter Zimmerman as Eduardo
Aerli Austen image
Aerli Austen as Isabelle
Beth Keener image
Beth Keener as Annie
Aaron Farb image
Aaron Farb as Norris
Kylie Szymanski image
Kylie Szymanski as Penny Blake
Default cast image
Amber Chaney as Annette Greene
Travis Charpentier image
Travis Charpentier as Shawn Greene
Tate Ellington image
Tate Ellington as Alex
Default cast image
Keith Brooks as Dan
Maximiliano Hernández image
Maximiliano Hernández as Bob Lamson
James Parks image
James Parks as Captured Whisperer
Elijah Marcano image
Elijah Marcano as Mikey
Justin Miles image
Justin Miles as Barnes
Default cast image
Jonathan Kleitman as Sturgess
Jay Huguley image
Jay Huguley as David
Robert Walker Branchaud image
Robert Walker Branchaud as Neil
Default cast image
Jeremy Palko as Andy
Angus Sampson image
Angus Sampson as Ozzy
Default cast image
Ricky Wayne as Mr. O'Donnell
Katy O'Brian image
Katy O'Brian as Katy
Default cast image
Fred Cruz as Walker (uncredited)
C. Thomas Howell image
C. Thomas Howell as Roy
Carrie Genzel image
Carrie Genzel as Clark
Matthew Cornwell image
Matthew Cornwell as Evans
Jacob Young image
Jacob Young as Deaver
Courtney Dietz image
Courtney Dietz as Kayla
Nicholas Velez image
Nicholas Velez as Theo
Henry Bazemore Jr. image
Henry Bazemore Jr. as Sgt. Crowe
Default cast image
Camry Rose Brault as Shipment Trooper
Jason Turner image
Jason Turner as Marcus Colvin
Brandon Carroll image
Brandon Carroll as David
Vanessa Cloke image
Vanessa Cloke as Anna
Punnavith Koy image
Punnavith Koy as Police Officer (uncredited)
Reggie Lee image
Reggie Lee as Police Officer (uncredited)
Samuel Witwer image
Samuel Witwer as Gun Zombie (uncredited)
Michael Weaver image
Michael Weaver as Warden
Default cast image
Dexter Tillis as Lt. Rose
Noel Gugliemi image
Noel Gugliemi as Felipe
Michael Raymond-James image
Michael Raymond-James as Dave
Default cast image
Kelley Davis as Paula
Phillip DeVona image
Phillip DeVona as Nate
Keedar Whittle image
Keedar Whittle as Sean
Julio Cedillo image
Julio Cedillo as Lieutenant Welles
Mike Mayhall image
Mike Mayhall as Franklin
Gary Weeks image
Gary Weeks as Corporal
Dave Davis image
Dave Davis as Neil Garguilio
Alex Van image
Alex Van as Hermit
Peter Kulas image
Peter Kulas as Michael Coleman
Al Vicente image
Al Vicente as Mexican Father
Default cast image
Tanner Holland as Jody
Brina Palencia image
Brina Palencia as Ana
Danny Vinson image
Danny Vinson as David Chambler
Enver Gjokaj image
Enver Gjokaj as Pete Dolgen
Eric Mendenhall image
Eric Mendenhall as Billy
Justice Leak image
Justice Leak as Knife Smock Man
Benjamin Papac image
Benjamin Papac as Albert
Travis Young image
Travis Young as Greg
Chris Burns image
Chris Burns as Mike
Ethan Embry image
Ethan Embry as Carter
John Carroll Lynch image
John Carroll Lynch as Eastman
Alicia Witt image
Alicia Witt as Paula
Jeananne Goossen image
Jeananne Goossen as Michelle
Jill Jane Clements image
Jill Jane Clements as Molly
Rus Blackwell image
Rus Blackwell as Donnie
Rich Ceraulo Ko image
Rich Ceraulo Ko as Jiro
Default cast image
Linds Edwards as Leon Basset
Jim R. Coleman image
Jim R. Coleman as Lam Kendal
Keisha Tillis image
Keisha Tillis as Jenny Jones
Default cast image
Kyle Clements as McGinley
Jason Burkey image
Jason Burkey as Kevin
Michael Scialabba image
Michael Scialabba as Gordon
Default cast image
Chloe & Sophia Garcia-Frizzi as Judith Grimes
Brian F. Durkin image
Brian F. Durkin as George
Default cast image
Ricky Russert as Chris
Griffin Freeman image
Griffin Freeman as Mark
Adam Boyer image
Adam Boyer as Bat Smock Man
Adam Cronan image
Adam Cronan as Leo
Mark Ashworth image
Mark Ashworth as Evan
Dahlia Legault image
Dahlia Legault as Francine
Lindsey Garrett image
Lindsey Garrett as Mara
Scarlett Blum image
Scarlett Blum as Lydia
Elle Graham image
Elle Graham as Winnie
Default cast image
Jennifer Cocker as Walker (uncredited)
Jonathan Billions image
Jonathan Billions as Marcus
Owen Harn image
Owen Harn as Crazed Man
Juliet Brett image
Juliet Brett as Frances
Heather Gilliland image
Heather Gilliland as Teacher
Havana Blum image
Havana Blum as Young Lydia
Default cast image
Kristin Erickson as Whisperer Woman
Erica Frene image
Erica Frene as Injured Woman
Default cast image
Seth Dousman as Male Whisperer
Jon Eyez image
Jon Eyez as Potter
AJ Achinger image
AJ Achinger as Ken
Default cast image
Adrian Kali Turner as Duane Jones
Neil Brown Jr. image
Neil Brown Jr. as Guillermo
Anthony Guajardo image
Anthony Guajardo as Miguel
Gina Morelli image
Gina Morelli as Abuela
Sherry Richards image
Sherry Richards as Jeanette
Aldis Hodge image
Aldis Hodge as Mike
Brandon Fobbs image
Brandon Fobbs as Terry
Keisha Castle-Hughes image
Keisha Castle-Hughes as Joan
Cullen Moss image
Cullen Moss as Mr. Gorman
Andrea Moore image
Andrea Moore as Ellen
Jasmine Kaur image
Jasmine Kaur as Betsey
Darin Cooper image
Darin Cooper as Wade
Kimberly Leemans image
Kimberly Leemans as Crystal
Matt Lowe image
Matt Lowe as Cam
Default cast image
Liz E. Morgan as Tina
Peter Luis Zimmerman image
Peter Luis Zimmerman as Eduardo
Charles Halford image
Charles Halford as Yago
Whitmer Thomas image
Whitmer Thomas as Gunther
Jayne Atkinson image
Jayne Atkinson as Georgie
Kim Ormiston image
Kim Ormiston as Hilda
Default cast image
Misty Ormiston as Midge
Javier Carrasquillo image
Javier Carrasquillo as Matias
Default cast image
Quinn Bozza as Cyrus
Ashlyn Stallings image
Ashlyn Stallings as Amanda
Jason Graham image
Jason Graham as William
Default cast image
Benjamin Keepers as Sean
Rutina Wesley image
Rutina Wesley as Jocelyn
Jessi Goei image
Jessi Goei as Gina
Luke David Blumm image
Luke David Blumm as Linus
Caroline Duncan image
Caroline Duncan as Hilde
Jansen Panettiere image
Jansen Panettiere as Casper
Ciera Payton image
Ciera Payton as Zia
Rachel Marie Lewis image
Rachel Marie Lewis as Jen
Vince Foster image
Vince Foster as Wayne
Austin Freeman image
Austin Freeman as Alex
Thora Birch image
Thora Birch as Gamma
William Gregory Lee image
William Gregory Lee as Male Whisperer
Eve Gordon image
Eve Gordon as Celeste
Taylor Nichols image
Taylor Nichols as Jeremiah
Olivia Stambouliah image
Olivia Stambouliah as Lucy
Breeda Wool image
Breeda Wool as Aiden
Default cast image
Joey Renfroe as Militia
Andrew Bachelor image
Andrew Bachelor as Bailey
Mark Sivertsen image
Mark Sivertsen as Rufus
Nick DeKay image
Nick DeKay as Guardsman
Lewis Wright image
Lewis Wright as Unmasked Whisperer (uncredited)
Default cast image
Brianna Butler as Maya
David Atkinson image
David Atkinson as Gus
Haley Leary image
Haley Leary as Ainsley
Michael Whinnett image
Michael Whinnett as The Attacker
Robert Patrick image
Robert Patrick as Mays / Mays' Brother
Erik Bello image
Erik Bello as Examining Trooper
Jessejames Locorriere image
Jessejames Locorriere as Commonwealth Interrogator
Hilarie Burton image
Hilarie Burton as Lucille Smith (uncredited)
Rodney Rowland image
Rodney Rowland as Baxter
Miles Mussenden image
Miles Mussenden as Franklin
Hans Christopher image
Hans Christopher as Nicholls
Michael Shenefelt image
Michael Shenefelt as Bossie
Default cast image
Brad Fleischer as Keith
Jesse C. Boyd image
Jesse C. Boyd as Blond Wolf
Default cast image
Pilot Bunch as Vincent
Matt Mercurio image
Matt Mercurio as Charles
Rebecca Ray image
Rebecca Ray as Clerk
Default cast image
Franco Barberis as Supervisor
Default cast image
Ryan Vo as Commonwealth Paper-Pusher
Default cast image
Brisco De Poalo as Nine-Year-Old Boy
Default cast image
Liz McGeever as Young Mother
Default cast image
Burke Brown as Young Father
Sharon Conley image
Sharon Conley as Sally
Default cast image
Sean McCracken as Doorman
Aneesh Sheth image
Aneesh Sheth as Jan
William Mark McCullough image
William Mark McCullough as Moto
Default cast image
MaryJean Feton as Old Woman
Default cast image
Bruno Rose as Comms Monitor
Darrell Snedeger image
Darrell Snedeger as Hospital Trooper
Carrie Walrond Hood image
Carrie Walrond Hood as Nurse
David E. Collier image
David E. Collier as Logistics Officer
Jenique Hendrix image
Jenique Hendrix as Hart
Michael Biehn image
Michael Biehn as Ian
Connor Hammond image
Connor Hammond as Jesse
David Alexander image
David Alexander as Janitor
Wynn Everett image
Wynn Everett as April
Default cast image
J.R. Adduci as Alves
Gonzalo Menendez image
Gonzalo Menendez as Commonwealth Soldier
Matt Bushell image
Matt Bushell as Romano
Christopher Matthew Cook image
Christopher Matthew Cook as
Teri Wyble image
Teri Wyble as
Gregory Nicotero image
Gregory Nicotero as Zombie (uncredited)
Robert Kirkman image
Robert Kirkman as Zombie (uncredited)
Default cast image
Charlie Adlard as Zombie (uncredited)
Frank Darabont image
Frank Darabont as (uncredited)
Joe Reegan image
Joe Reegan as Military (uncredited)
Default cast image
Ja'Corey Jones as Security Guard
Freddy Boyd image
Freddy Boyd as Government Clerk
Jonathan Horne image
Jonathan Horne as Protester
Derek Evans image
Derek Evans as Radio Trooper
Brian Troxell image
Brian Troxell as Announcer
Default cast image
Raw Leiba as Attila
Michael Proctor image
Michael Proctor as Lothar
Default cast image
Lorraine Rodriguez-Reyes as Doctor
Elena Sanchez image
Elena Sanchez as CW Cleaning Crew #1
Default cast image
Preston Wigasi Brant as CW Cleaning Crew #2
Hayes Mercure image
Hayes Mercure as Precinct Trooper
Brittany Guess image
Brittany Guess as Frightened Woman
Nicholas Christopher McNeil image
Nicholas Christopher McNeil as Captain Commonwealth
JoAnn Willette image
JoAnn Willette as Lena Brand
Default cast image
Shravan Amin as Press Official
Default cast image
Justin W. Walker as Man
Default cast image
Katie Causey as Kathleen
Vincent van Hinte image
Vincent van Hinte as Trooper Jones
Default cast image
Keller Fornes as Tower Trooper
Default cast image
Jonathan Bergman as Child Walker
Default cast image
Barrett Doyle as Trooper 192
Default cast image
Morgan Davis as Trooper 263
Default cast image
K.D. O'Hair as Trooper 301
Default cast image
Kirk Riley as Watch Trooper
Greg Perrow image
Greg Perrow as Trooper 141
Bryan McClure image
Bryan McClure as Wilson
Yvette Nicole Brown image
Yvette Nicole Brown as Outpost 22 (voice)
Mahdi Cocci image
Mahdi Cocci as Trooper Roberts
Elizabeth Becka image
Elizabeth Becka as Judge George
Phil Armijo image
Phil Armijo as Trooper Sanborn
Default cast image
Onye Eme-Akwari as Trooper Anton
Default cast image
Marc Prizov as Tunnel Trooper
Chase Anderson image
Chase Anderson as Trooper Livits
Roman Spink image
Roman Spink as Milo

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