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TV Series
8.3 2022

5.83% of users on Odanta have watched this.

The continuing story of Peacemaker – a compellingly vainglorious man who believes in peace at any cost, no matter how many people he has to kill to get it – in the aftermath of the events of “The Suicide Squad.”

John Cena image
John Cena as Christopher Smith / Peacemaker
Danielle Brooks image
Danielle Brooks as Leota Adebayo
Freddie Stroma image
Freddie Stroma as Adrian Chase / Vigilante
Chukwudi Iwuji image
Chukwudi Iwuji as Clemson Murn
Jennifer Holland image
Jennifer Holland as Emilia Harcourt
Steve Agee image
Steve Agee as John Economos
Robert Patrick image
Robert Patrick as August 'Auggie' Smith / White Dragon
Annie Chang image
Annie Chang as Sophie Song
Lochlyn Munro image
Lochlyn Munro as Larry Fitzgibbon
Dee Bradley Baker image
Dee Bradley Baker as Eagly (voice)
Rochelle Greenwood image
Rochelle Greenwood as Peggy
Zak Santiago image
Zak Santiago as Prison Guard
Elizabeth Faith Ludlow image
Elizabeth Faith Ludlow as Keeya Adebayo
Kevin O'Grady image
Kevin O'Grady as Johnson
Neil Webb image
Neil Webb as Cool Steve
Bzhaun Rhoden image
Bzhaun Rhoden as Young Man
Nhut Le image
Nhut Le as Judomaster
Default cast image
Quinn Bennett as Young Chris
Liam Hughes image
Liam Hughes as Keith
Christopher Heyerdahl image
Christopher Heyerdahl as Caspar Locke
Mel Tuck image
Mel Tuck as Auggie's Neighbor
Crystal Mudry image
Crystal Mudry as Annie Sturphausen
Paul Lazenby image
Paul Lazenby as Dickhead
Darryl Scheelar image
Darryl Scheelar as Dickhead
Alison Araya image
Alison Araya as Amber Calcaterra
Lenny Jacobson image
Lenny Jacobson as Evan Calcaterra
Rizwan Manji image
Rizwan Manji as Jamil
Ryan Jefferson Booth image
Ryan Jefferson Booth as Racist Thug
Default cast image
Jen Znack as Skinhead Girl
Default cast image
Paul Tryl as Whitehood Wanker
Viola Davis image
Viola Davis as Amanda Waller (uncredited)
Troy Anthony Young image
Troy Anthony Young as Terrified Man
Lissa Neptuno image
Lissa Neptuno as Doctor
Default cast image
Elizabeth McCarthy as Head Nurse
Faith Wright image
Faith Wright as Murn's Inside Nurse
Tim Zhang image
Tim Zhang as Cabbie
Brent Chapman image
Brent Chapman as Fact Attack Host
Default cast image
Ursina Luther as Waitress
Klarc Jerome Wilson image
Klarc Jerome Wilson as Dishwasher
Default cast image
Kris Kuruneri as Bartender
Jade Pawluk image
Jade Pawluk as Douchebag
Scott Pocha image
Scott Pocha as Even Bigger Friend
Default cast image
Gabriela Reynoso as Lookie-Loo
Veena Sood image
Veena Sood as Captain Miele
Natalia Safran image
Natalia Safran as Mrs. Goff
Antonio Cupo image
Antonio Cupo as Senator Royland Goff
Default cast image
Jackson Ferguson as Goff Child 1
Default cast image
Juliette Ferguson as Goff Child 2
Sage Brocklebank image
Sage Brocklebank as Bodyguard
Neetu Garcha image
Neetu Garcha as Reporter
Default cast image
Yvette Ferguson as Receptionist
Troy Mundle image
Troy Mundle as Harried Worker
David Beairsto image
David Beairsto as Judge William Judy
Stephen Blackehart image
Stephen Blackehart as Charlie (Gorilla)
Default cast image
Alice Matheson as “Alfred E Neuman”
Default cast image
Juliette Tidi as “Canadian Tuxedo”
Alexander Brophy image
Alexander Brophy as “Sad Eyed Kid”
Default cast image
Marcia D. Bennett as Teacher
Default cast image
Billy Christos Jr. as “Chubster”
Default cast image
David Pavlov as “Urkel”
Default cast image
Maya Kooner as Jamil's Daughter
Default cast image
Alice Comer as “Pasketti Arms”
Default cast image
Christopher Maxen Loteyro as “Rubik's Cube World Champion”
Default cast image
Douglas Roy Dack as White Power Shithead
Default cast image
Trevor Hinton as Asshole Referee
Michael Newman image
Michael Newman as Reporter
Jason Momoa image
Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry / Aquaman (uncredited)
Ezra Miller image
Ezra Miller as Barry Allen / The Flash (uncredited)
Tyler Burrows image
Tyler Burrows as Frat Dude
Default cast image
Dan Ginnane as Frat Dude
Default cast image
Isaac George-Hotchkiss as 7-11 Cashier
Haig Sutherland image
Haig Sutherland as Dr. Hurwitz
Sarah Corrigan image
Sarah Corrigan as Female Nurse
Default cast image
Philippe Collins as Male Nurse
Brad Abramenko image
Brad Abramenko as Clark Kent / Superman (uncredited)
Default cast image
Cynthia Oroz as Nurse
Default cast image
Kimberley von Ilberg as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman (uncredited)

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