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6.6 2015

14.35% of users on Odanta have watched this.

Ved and Tara meet accidentally meet in Corsica, France and decide to spend the next 7 days together with secretly revealing their true identity or without any promise to meet later, ever. Tara eventually falls in love with Ved and goes to find Ved after 4 years, and helps him to find his true story where he belongs.

Ranbir Kapoor image
Ranbir Kapoor as Ved Sahni
Deepika Padukone image
Deepika Padukone as Tara Maheshwari
Piyush Mishra image
Piyush Mishra as Storyteller
Vivek Mushran image
Vivek Mushran as Ved's Boss
Javed Sheikh image
Javed Sheikh as Ved's Father
Default cast image
Ishtiyak Khan as Rajesh Autowala
Default cast image
Kshitij Sharma as Theatre Artist
Teddy Maurya image
Teddy Maurya as Servant
Default cast image
Yash Sehgal as Younger Ved
Default cast image
Faraaz Servaia as Tara's Brother
Default cast image
Nikhil Bhagat as Tara's Father
Default cast image
Punam Singh as Tea Executive
Default cast image
Himanshu Sharma as Lord Ram, Prince of Ayodhya.
Arushi Sharma image
Arushi Sharma as Spl. Appearance
Default cast image
Ayush Prajapati as Singer

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