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8.8 2022

10.31% of users on Odanta have watched this.

A young filmmaker prepares for the debut of his first feature film.

Jeetu Kamal image
Jeetu Kamal as Director Aparajito Ray
Saayoni Ghosh image
Saayoni Ghosh as Bimawla Ray, wife of Aparajito
Shoaib Kabeer image
Shoaib Kabeer as Chandra Gupta Kichlu
Debashis Roy image
Debashis Roy as Subir Mitter
Anusha Viswanathan image
Anusha Viswanathan as Uma Dasgupta
Saunak Samanta image
Saunak Samanta Not known
Paran Banerjee image
Paran Banerjee as Biman Ray
Anashua Majumdar image
Anashua Majumdar as Suroma
Ritwick Purkait image
Ritwick Purkait Not known
Manasi Sinha image
Manasi Sinha as Bibhuti's widow
Sumit Samaddar image
Sumit Samaddar as Dileep
Anjana Basu image
Anjana Basu as Sarbamangala
Swati Mukherjee image
Swati Mukherjee as Uma's mother
Rishav Basu image
Rishav Basu as Surjo Baboo
Barun Chanda image
Barun Chanda as Jawahar
Bimal Chakraborty image
Bimal Chakraborty Not known
Sandip Chakraborty image
Sandip Chakraborty Not known
Apratim Chatterjee image
Apratim Chatterjee Not known
Ashim Roy Chowdhury image
Ashim Roy Chowdhury as Song and dance enthusiast
Default cast image
Harakumar Gupta as Nanibala Devi
Default cast image
Chandrasish Ray as Aparajito Ray
Default cast image
Agnijit Sen Not known
Default cast image
Mahul Brahma Not known
Ashim Roy Chowdhury image
Ashim Roy Chowdhury Not known

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