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7.1 2009

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A respected priest volunteers for an experimental procedure that may lead to a cure for a deadly virus. He gets infected and dies, but a blood transfusion of unknown origin brings him back to life. Now, heโ€™s torn between faith and bloodlust, and has a newfound desire for the wife of a childhood friend.

Song Kang-ho image
Song Kang-ho as Priest Sang-hyeon
Kim Ok-vin image
Kim Ok-vin as Tae-ju
Kim Hae-sook image
Kim Hae-sook as Lady Ra
Shin Ha-kyun image
Shin Ha-kyun as Kang-woo
Song Young-chang image
Song Young-chang as Seung-dae
Mercedes Cabral image
Mercedes Cabral as Evelyn
ร‰riq Ebouaney image
ร‰riq Ebouaney as Immanuel
Seo Dong-soo image
Seo Dong-soo as Hyo-seong
Oh Dal-su image
Oh Dal-su as Yeong-doo
Choi Hee-jin image
Choi Hee-jin as Nurse Sa
Park In-hwan image
Park In-hwan as Priest Noh
Ra Mi-ran image
Ra Mi-ran as Nurse Yu
Lee Hwa-ryong image
Lee Hwa-ryong as Doctor Koo
Default cast image
Kim Hee-ok as Oh Veronica
Choi Jong-ryul image
Choi Jong-ryul as Father
Son Jong-hak image
Son Jong-hak as Detective
Default cast image
Han Chul-woo as Investigator
Jo Deok-jae image
Jo Deok-jae as Inspector 1
Jo Moon-ee image
Jo Moon-ee as Inspector 2
Hwang Woo-seul-hye image
Hwang Woo-seul-hye as Unmarried Whistling Woman
Default cast image
Thati Peele as Research Nun
Default cast image
Goo Yong-wan as Devotee
Default cast image
Kim Tae-hee as Security Guard
Natallia Bulynia image
Natallia Bulynia as Passenger

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