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Fallen Angels

7.7 1995

4.93% of users on Odanta have watched this.

Two tales of crimes intertwine in present-day Hong Kong.

Leon Lai image
Leon Lai as Wong Chi-Ming
Charlie Yeung image
Charlie Yeung as Charlie
Takeshi Kaneshiro image
Takeshi Kaneshiro as Ho Chi-mo
Karen Mok image
Karen Mok as Blondie
Michelle Reis image
Michelle Reis as Killer's Agent
Default cast image
Chan Man-Lei as Wu's Father
Default cast image
Toru Saito as Sato
Benz Kong To-Hoi image
Benz Kong To-Hoi as Ah Hoi
Chan Fai-hung image
Chan Fai-hung as Man Forced to Eat Ice-cream
Kwan Lee-na image
Kwan Lee-na as Woman Pressed to Buy Vegetables
Default cast image
Wu Yuk-Ho as Man Forced to Have His Clothes Washed
Johnnie Kong image
Johnnie Kong Not known

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