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All the best AI tools to create... well, everything blog image

All the best AI tools to create... well, everything

Written By Odanta HQ

May 17, 2023

  4 min read

You just clicked a picture of a butterfly on your phone camera. You realise it looks kinda shit. Then you put it through an image processing AI software and the picture is transformed into a breathtaking masterpiece. 


Welcome to the world of AI. We humans just made the world “impossible” irrelevant. 


From image to videos to text, every known content genre is about to be disrupted. It is a once in a generation kind of technology, similar to the internet or the smartphone. So we at Odanta decided to collate all the best tools for AI in a single article to save you a whole lot of time. 


Do yourself a favour and bookmark this page. 




ChatGPT 4, OpenAI's latest language model, provides coherent and contextually accurate responses, making conversations feel human-like. It can write almost anything for you and provides valuable assistance on all topics. It’s the poster boy of the AI revolution and we’re pretty sure you know a lot about it anyways. 


Hivemind is an AI software that facilitates collaborative decision-making by analysing large amounts of data and providing valuable insights. It enables teams to make well-informed decisions quickly, write emails, draw up marketing strategies. It’s ChatGPT for businesses. 


Word.AI is a powerful natural language processing tool that automates tasks like text summarisation, sentiment analysis, and language translation. It saves time and effort for researchers, content creators, and language enthusiasts, as it has provides answers in different languages to suit India’s diverse population.




Dall-E is an AI software developed by OpenAI that generates unique and imaginative images from textual descriptions. It sparks creativity and opens new possibilities for artists, designers, and content creators who can bring their ideas to life visually. Last December, we fed it a prompt: a man attempting a bicycle kick in space. This was the result. Beautiful, no?


Midjourney is a a San Francisco-based independent research lab that utilizes AI to generate stunning images based on natural language descriptions, often referred to as "prompts." But unlike Dall-E, you can use additional suffixes in your prompt to create further variations to the image it has produced, thus allowing for greater customization. It is also accessible by Discord, making it the obvious choice for most creators. 


Stable Diffusion is another AI software in the text-to-image space. Due to its open-source nature, it has garnered a large community that regularly posts updates to improve user experience for others. Thus, we might see more advances in it in the future.  




Pictory is an AI-based image recognition tool that identifies objects, scenes, and concepts within images. It offers applications in various domains, including e-commerce, advertising, and social media, by enabling accurate and automated image tagging, enhancing search capabilities, and improving user experiences.


Lumen5 is an AI-powered video creation platform that transforms text-based content into engaging videos. It simplifies the video production process, allowing businesses and content creators to repurpose their articles, blog posts, or social media content into visually appealing videos that captivate audiences.


Deep Brain is an AI software focused on medical imaging analysis and diagnosis. It helps healthcare professionals by automatically analyzing medical images like MRI or CT scans, providing insights and assisting in the early detection and treatment of diseases.


Audio: is an AI software that offers automated enhancement services, converting audio recordings into accurate text. It assists content creators, journalists, and researchers in quickly transcribing interviews, podcasts, and other audio content, saving time and improving productivity.


Soundraw is an AI-powered music production platform that allows musicians and creators to generate royalty-free music using customisable templates. It simplifies the music creation process, making it accessible to individuals without extensive musical expertise.Top of Form


Podcastle is an AI software specifically designed for podcasters. It offers automated transcription services, turning spoken words into accurate and searchable text. This benefits podcasters by making their episodes more accessible to a wider audience, improving SEO, enabling easy editing, and providing a written archive for reference and repurposing content.



Other than these start-ups, a lot of established business have incorporated AI in their tools as well. Adobe Sensei is an AI integrated into Adobe's suite of creative software. It automates complex tasks such as background removal, content-aware fill, and intelligent upscaling in image editing, while streamlining video editing workflows, offering automated features like scene detection and motion tracking.


Canva, one of the most valuable softwares according to us, has now integrated AI to design templates, suggest images as well as write text based on the design provided. Now all we need is the ability to find out the font from a picture and then we won’t ask for anything else. Pretty please?


Notion had already streamlined the way we work, plan and solve problems. Now it’s included AI too. Its features include smart content suggestions, contextual task prioritization, and automated data organisation. It assists users in quickly finding relevant information, managing tasks more efficiently, and structuring their workspace effectively. 


Never did we think we'd say this sentence, but we are no longer bound by the limits of our imagination alone. The content landscape will never be the same again so get ready to reshape the world—one pixel, one word, and one byte at a time!

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