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Normal People

TV Series
8.1 2020

10.31% of users on Odanta have watched this.

Marianne and Connell weave in and out of each other’s lives in this exploration of sex, power and the desire to love and be loved.

Daisy Edgar-Jones image
Daisy Edgar-Jones as Marianne Sheridan
Paul Mescal image
Paul Mescal as Connell Waldron
Aislín McGuckin image
Aislín McGuckin as Denise Sheridan
Sarah Greene image
Sarah Greene as Lorraine Waldron
Eliot Salt image
Eliot Salt as Joanna
Frank Blake image
Frank Blake as Alan Sheridan
India Mullen image
India Mullen as Peggy
Fionn O'Shea image
Fionn O'Shea as Jamie
Niamh Lynch image
Niamh Lynch as Karen
Leah McNamara image
Leah McNamara as Rachel Moran
Seán Doyle image
Seán Doyle as Eric
Killian Filan image
Killian Filan as Jack
Clinton Liberty image
Clinton Liberty as Kiernan
Meadhbh Maxwell image
Meadhbh Maxwell as Lisa
Eanna Hardwicke image
Eanna Hardwicke as Rob Hegarty
Liz Fitzgibbon image
Liz Fitzgibbon as Ms. Neary
Kwaku Fortune image
Kwaku Fortune as Philip
Aoife Hinds image
Aoife Hinds as Helen Brophy
Megan McDonnell image
Megan McDonnell as Elaine
Slaney Power image
Slaney Power as Sophie
Leah Minto image
Leah Minto as Sadie
Sebastian de Souza image
Sebastian de Souza as Gareth
Muiris Crowley image
Muiris Crowley as Mr. Kerrigan
Lauryn Canny image
Lauryn Canny as Teresa
Chris McHallem image
Chris McHallem as Lecturer
Default cast image
Domhnall Herdman as Matt
Anita Petry image
Anita Petry as Seminar Leader
Killian Coyle image
Killian Coyle as Pat
Default cast image
Jim Roche as Bill Moran
Default cast image
Fiona Browne as Fiona Moran
Default cast image
Ciara Berkeley as Student 1
Default cast image
Rachel Mariam as Teaching Assistant 1
Default cast image
Lila Harper as Student 2
Default cast image
Maya O'Shea as Jenny
Default cast image
Abdelaziz Sanusi as Eoin
Default cast image
Ross Gaynor as Teaching Assistant 2
Default cast image
Barry O'Connor as Jason
Tina Kellegher image
Tina Kellegher as Trish
Gwynne McElveen image
Gwynne McElveen as Aunt Caitlin
Denis Conway image
Denis Conway as Gerald
Default cast image
Eileen Byrne as Granny Rose
Default cast image
Frank Smith as Provost
Default cast image
Lucilla di Paolo as Shopkeeper
Lancelot Ncube image
Lancelot Ncube as Lukas
Conor Mullen image
Conor Mullen as Tom
Michael Phong Le image
Michael Phong Le as Matt
Noma Dumezweni image
Noma Dumezweni as Gillian
Default cast image
Claire O'Donovan as Eileen
Default cast image
Michael Power as Val
Default cast image
Carl Austin as English Lecturer
Default cast image
Blaithin Mac Gabhann as Evelyn
Default cast image
Aoibhinn McAuley as Anna
Sean Duggan image
Sean Duggan as Matt
Olga Wehrly image
Olga Wehrly as Sarah
Eleanor Methven image
Eleanor Methven as Bernie
Default cast image
Darragh McKenzie as Darragh
Joseph Palmer image
Joseph Palmer as Mourner

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