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The Undeclared War

TV Series
6.7 2022

10.31% of users on Odanta have watched this.

In the post-pandemic world of 2024 during an upcoming British general election involving the UK’s first Black Conservative prime minister, a leading team of analysts at the heart of the UK’s NSA-style spy agency GCHQ attempt to ward off a cyber-attack on the country’s electoral system.

Hannah Khalique-Brown image
Hannah Khalique-Brown as Saara Parvan
Simon Pegg image
Simon Pegg as Danny Patrick
Maisie Richardson-Sellers image
Maisie Richardson-Sellers as Kathy Freeman
Edward Holcroft image
Edward Holcroft as James Cox
Adrian Lester image
Adrian Lester as PM Andrew Makinde
Alex Jennings image
Alex Jennings as David Neal
Hattie Morahan image
Hattie Morahan as Elizabeth Kahn
Ed Stoppard image
Ed Stoppard as Richard Marston
Joss Porter image
Joss Porter as Phil D
Tom McKay image
Tom McKay as Max K
German Segal image
German Segal as Vadim Trusov
Gavi Singh Chera image
Gavi Singh Chera as Sajid Parvin
Jamie Muscato image
Jamie Muscato as Finn
Andrew Rothney image
Andrew Rothney as Rich T
Default cast image
Yasmin Wilde as Bushra Yousafzai
Default cast image
Julian Harries as National Security Advisor
Tinatin Dalakishvili image
Tinatin Dalakishvili as Marina Veselova
Julie Barclay image
Julie Barclay as Sally J
Default cast image
Bharti Patel as Yasmin Parvin
Default cast image
Alfie Friedman as Gabriel Davies
Aysha Kala image
Aysha Kala as Amina Parvin
Default cast image
Sean La-Tunje as Temi
Default cast image
Daniel O'Meara as Newscaster
Default cast image
Nikita Zabolotny as Misha
Kerry Godliman image
Kerry Godliman as Angie McMurray
Irena Tyshyna image
Irena Tyshyna as Russian Interviewer
Nitin Ganatra image
Nitin Ganatra as Ahmed Parvin
Melanie Gutteridge image
Melanie Gutteridge as Chrissie
Zaqi Ismail image
Zaqi Ismail as Zahir
Chike Chan image
Chike Chan as Chen
Default cast image
Isla Hannigan as Millie
Elee Nova image
Elee Nova as Varvara
Ernest Gromov image
Ernest Gromov as Yevgeny
Default cast image
Yanina Hope as FSB Lecturer
Default cast image
Rick Bithell as ITN Reporter
Default cast image
David Prosho as Steve Cleary
John Schwab image
John Schwab as Matthew Mitchie
Default cast image
Kirsty Hoiles as Caroline Fitch
Default cast image
Robert Cavanah as Campbell Scott
Default cast image
Nik Howden as Adjudicator
Default cast image
Daf Thomas as Young Male Canvaser
Eduard Flerov image
Eduard Flerov as Felix Trusov
Janina Elkin image
Janina Elkin as Ludmilla Trusov
Nikolay Serdtsev image
Nikolay Serdtsev as Boris Leonov
Alex Romashov image
Alex Romashov as Pyotr
Andrew Byron image
Andrew Byron as Glavset Supervisor
Default cast image
Tamara Kumar as Mina Veselova
Default cast image
Sophia Carlo as Zasha
Default cast image
Oliver Powell as Daz Wiskowski
Default cast image
Lloyd James as Uniformed Sergeant
Default cast image
Sacha Plaige as Camerawoman
Gediminas Adomaitis image
Gediminas Adomaitis as Vasily
Default cast image
Sukh Ojla as Polling Clerk
Rekha John-Cheriyan image
Rekha John-Cheriyan as Farzhana Shah
Default cast image
Ashley Zhangazha as Robert Adebayo
Victoria Broom image
Victoria Broom as Alex
Steph Parry image
Steph Parry as Director
Default cast image
Alpha Kargbo as Male Relative
Florence Bell image
Florence Bell as Millie W
Default cast image
Isaura Barbé-Brown as Annie
Default cast image
Bhawna Bhawshar as Nazia
Default cast image
Dan Ball as Mark Milsome
Default cast image
Belle Kumble-Rose as Student
Paula Kaye image
Paula Kaye as Adede
Lucas Hare image
Lucas Hare as Jack Barker
Keiron Self image
Keiron Self as Lt. Colonel Andy Marsh
Iain McKee image
Iain McKee as Peter Walker
Charles Abomeli image
Charles Abomeli as General Landsman
Tom Mumford image
Tom Mumford as Police Sergeant
Jessica Layde image
Jessica Layde as PC Sandy Bishop
Anna Cannings image
Anna Cannings as Mary Davies
Martin Trenaman image
Martin Trenaman as Harry Davies
Alex Reid image
Alex Reid as Colonel Pauline Keele
Default cast image
Yuri Klimov as Russian General
Brendan Purcell image
Brendan Purcell as GCHQ Security Officer

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