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TV Series
8.3 2018

15.25% of users on Odanta have watched this.

A dance musical that explores the juxtaposition of several segments of 1980s life and society in New York: the ball culture world, the rise of the luxury Trump-era universe and the downtown social and literary scene.

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez image
Michaela Jaé Rodriguez as Blanca
Dominique Jackson image
Dominique Jackson as Elektra Abundance
Billy Porter image
Billy Porter as Pray Tell
Indya Moore image
Indya Moore as Angel
Angel Bismark Curiel image
Angel Bismark Curiel as Lil Papi
Dyllon Burnside image
Dyllon Burnside as Ricky
Hailie Sahar image
Hailie Sahar as Lulu
Ryan Jamaal Swain image
Ryan Jamaal Swain as Damon
Angelica Ross image
Angelica Ross as Candy
Charlayne Woodard image
Charlayne Woodard as Helena St. Rogers
Jiggly Caliente image
Jiggly Caliente as Veronica Ferocity
Jason A. Rodriguez image
Jason A. Rodriguez as Lemar
Kate Mara image
Kate Mara as Patty
Evan Peters image
Evan Peters as Stan
James Van Der Beek image
James Van Der Beek as Matt
Jeremy Pope image
Jeremy Pope as Christopher
Patti LuPone image
Patti LuPone as Frederica Norman
Our Lady J image
Our Lady J as Sherilyn
Default cast image
Blaine Alden Krauss as Chris
Damaris Lewis image
Damaris Lewis as Jazmine
Jeremy McClain image
Jeremy McClain as Cubby
Brielle Rheames image
Brielle Rheames as Silhouette
Kevin Loreque image
Kevin Loreque as Justin
Dashaun Wesley Williams image
Dashaun Wesley Williams as Shadow
Default cast image
Danielle Cooper as Wanda
Default cast image
Bianca Castro as Veronica
Trace Lysette image
Trace Lysette as Tess
Christopher Meloni image
Christopher Meloni as Dick Ford
Matt McGrath image
Matt McGrath as Manager - Boy Lounge
Christine Ebersole image
Christine Ebersole as Bobbi
Default cast image
Dominique Silver as Nakisha
Default cast image
Zenobia Teague as Zedley
Default cast image
Lucia Spina as Missy
Kym Gomes image
Kym Gomes as Latisha
Jarrett Winters Morley image
Jarrett Winters Morley as Nell's Club Patron (uncredited)
Default cast image
Erika Olson as Secretary
Norm Lewis image
Norm Lewis as Vernon Jackson
Anna Maria Horsford image
Anna Maria Horsford as Charlene
Janet Hubert image
Janet Hubert as Latrice
Jackée Harry image
Jackée Harry as Jada
Michelle Hurd image
Michelle Hurd as Ebony Jackson
Default cast image
Jordan Aaron Hall as Young Pray
Default cast image
B. Slade as Devin
Ledisi image
Ledisi as Angela
Courtnee Carter image
Courtnee Carter as Young Latrice
Default cast image
Richard A. Phillips as Freddy
Default cast image
Naya Desir-Johnson as Cynthia
Adam Grupper image
Adam Grupper as Dr. Greenberg
Default cast image
Kai Blue as Young Vernon
Phyllis Johnson image
Phyllis Johnson as Dolores
Danny Johnson image
Danny Johnson as Candy's father
Patrice Johnson image
Patrice Johnson as Vivica Johnson
J. Cameron Barnett image
J. Cameron Barnett as Castle
Default cast image
Debra Cardona as Motel maid
Default cast image
Jonovia Chase as Kiki Pendavis
Alexia Garcia image
Alexia Garcia as Aphrodite
Heidi Armbruster image
Heidi Armbruster as Talent scout
Default cast image
Kevin Curtis as Curtis
Default cast image
Ethan Herschenfeld as Jim Stucky
Default cast image
Joshua Keith as Tre
Robyn Payne image
Robyn Payne as Sue Simmons
Lawrence Clayton image
Lawrence Clayton as Pray Tell's stepdad
Lance Roberts image
Lance Roberts as Lewis Carter
Johnny Sibilly image
Johnny Sibilly as Costas
Rand Guerrero image
Rand Guerrero as Funeral Director
Default cast image
Jennifer C. Johnson as Nurse Debbie
Default cast image
Hank Lin as Stanley
Leiomy Maldonado image
Leiomy Maldonado as Florida
Default cast image
Gorgeous Jack Mizrahi Gucci as Himself
Default cast image
Nelson Peña as Jared
Default cast image
Peter Plano as Motel Manager
Andre Ward image
Andre Ward as Manhattan
Courtney Sauls image
Courtney Sauls as Riddle Rene
Ianne Fields Stewart image
Ianne Fields Stewart as Pretty Bartender
Trudie Styler image
Trudie Styler as Ms. Ford
Bettina Bilger image
Bettina Bilger as Marcia
Anjelica Bosboom image
Anjelica Bosboom as Hostess
Kaylin Lee Clinton image
Kaylin Lee Clinton as Felicia
Ellen David image
Ellen David as Neighbour #2
Austin Scott image
Austin Scott as Adrian
Justin L. Wilson image
Justin L. Wilson as Joe
Patricia Black image
Patricia Black as Chi Chi
Default cast image
John Borras as Fire Marshall
Don Castro image
Don Castro as Partner
Annie Hägg image
Annie Hägg as Hostess
Default cast image
Luke Lesko as Angry Driver
Megan Sikora image
Megan Sikora as White Woman
Charles Brice image
Charles Brice as Darius
Laith Ashley image
Laith Ashley as Sebastian
Joe Pallister image
Joe Pallister as

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