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TV Series
8.6 2019

11.21% of users on Odanta have watched this.

The true story of one of the worst man-made catastrophes in history: the catastrophic nuclear accident at Chernobyl. A tale of the brave men and women who sacrificed to save Europe from unimaginable disaster.

Jared Harris image
Jared Harris as Valery Legasov
Stellan Skarsgård image
Stellan Skarsgård as Boris Shcherbina
Emily Watson image
Emily Watson as Ulana Khomyuk
Paul Ritter image
Paul Ritter as Anatoly Dyatlov
Jessie Buckley image
Jessie Buckley as Lyudmilla Ignatenko
Adam Nagaitis image
Adam Nagaitis as Vasily Ignatenko
Sam Troughton image
Sam Troughton as Alexandr Akimov
Robert Emms image
Robert Emms as Leonid Toptunov
Con O'Neill image
Con O'Neill as Viktor Bryukhanov
Adrian Rawlins image
Adrian Rawlins as Nikolai Fomin
Alan Williams image
Alan Williams as KGB Chairman Charkov
David Dencik image
David Dencik as Mikhail Gorbachev
Mark Lewis Jones image
Mark Lewis Jones as General Pikalov
Ralph Ineson image
Ralph Ineson as General Tarakanov
Barry Keoghan image
Barry Keoghan as Pavel
Alex Ferns image
Alex Ferns as Glukhov
Fares Fares image
Fares Fares as Bacho
Michael McElhatton image
Michael McElhatton as Prosecutor Andrei Stepashin
Michael Socha image
Michael Socha as Mikhail
Karl Davies image
Karl Davies as Viktor Proskuryakov
Default cast image
Jan Ricica as Oksana's Kid
Ron Cook image
Ron Cook as Old Maternity Doctor
Donald Sumpter image
Donald Sumpter as Zharkov
Philip Barantini image
Philip Barantini as Bezpalov
Default cast image
Oscar Dyekjær Giese as Baranov
Default cast image
Baltasar Breki Samper as Ananenko
Gerard Kearns image
Gerard Kearns as Pravik
Povilas Jatkevičius image
Povilas Jatkevičius as Kibenok
Darius Petkevičius image
Darius Petkevičius as Local Husband
Amanda Drew image
Amanda Drew as Kremlin Aide Female
Jamie Sives image
Jamie Sives as Sitnikov
Douggie McMeekin image
Douggie McMeekin as Yuvchenko
Default cast image
Cait Davis as Local Wife at Bar
Michael Shaeffer image
Michael Shaeffer as Blond Man
Adam Lundgren image
Adam Lundgren as Brazhnik
Billy Postlethwaite image
Billy Postlethwaite as Boris Stolyarchuk
Jay Simpson image
Jay Simpson as Perevozchenko
Default cast image
Ross Armstrong as Nikolai Gorbachenko
Paulius Markevičius image
Paulius Markevičius as Aleksandr Kudryavstev
Joshua Leese image
Joshua Leese as Kirschenbaum
Karolis Kasperavičius image
Karolis Kasperavičius as Viktor Degtaryenko
Sam Strike image
Sam Strike as Misha
Sammy Hayman image
Sammy Hayman as Titenok
Default cast image
Matas Dirgincius as Vladimir Tishchura
Caolan Byrne image
Caolan Byrne as Day Shift Worker
Default cast image
Stephen Bisland as Night Shift Worker
Alex Blake image
Alex Blake as Petrovich
Matthew Needham image
Matthew Needham as Dmitri
Default cast image
Rosie Sheehy as Nurse Pripyat
Tomas Žaibus image
Tomas Žaibus as Soldier (Hospital)
Peter Guinness image
Peter Guinness as Major Burov
Laurence Spellman image
Laurence Spellman as Commission Heli Pilot
Alison Pargeter image
Alison Pargeter as BCP HQ Aide Female
Victor McGuire image
Victor McGuire as Garanin
Sakalas Uždavinys image
Sakalas Uždavinys as Ilya Ivanovich Chulkov
Default cast image
Aidas Jurgaitis as Soldier (Shelter)
Aiste S. Gram image
Aiste S. Gram as Bartender in Polyissa Hotel
Default cast image
Daniel Crossley as Stasiuk
Lucy Russell image
Lucy Russell as Marina Gruzinskaya
Diarmaid Murtagh image
Diarmaid Murtagh as Zukauskas
Natasha Radski image
Natasha Radski as Russian News Reader
Default cast image
Yitzchak Averbuch as General
Default cast image
Joe Tucker as Plant Employee
Default cast image
Caoilfhionn Dunne as Yenina
Pandora Colin image
Pandora Colin as Dr. Vetrova
Default cast image
Rachel Atkins as Niyazova
James Cosmo image
James Cosmo as Miner
Default cast image
Arnas Danusas as Soldier (Miner's Bus)
Michael Colgan image
Michael Colgan as Mikhail Shadov
James Kermack image
James Kermack as Miner
Default cast image
Karolis Vilkas as Miner
June Watson image
June Watson as Old Woman Babushka
Josef Altin image
Josef Altin as Soldier
Sergejus Ivanovas image
Sergejus Ivanovas as Survey Soldier
Alexej Manvelov image
Alexej Manvelov as Garo
Josef Davies image
Josef Davies as Janek
Velta Žygurė image
Velta Žygurė as Elderly Librarian
Default cast image
Paulius Cizinauskas as KGB Agent Library
Default cast image
Mark Bagnall as Jughashvili (Robot Operator)
Ian Pirie image
Ian Pirie as Site Officer Masha
Default cast image
Andrew Sheridan as Biorobot
Default cast image
Lukas Malinauskas as Biorobot Soldier
Default cast image
Marius Karolis Gotbergas as Biorobot Soldier
Default cast image
Simonas Dovidauskas as KGB Driver
Hilton McRae image
Hilton McRae as Judge Milan Kadnikov
Kieran O'Brien image
Kieran O'Brien as Khodemchuck
Šarūnas Datenis image
Šarūnas Datenis as Soldier (Reactor Site)
Deividas Breive image
Deividas Breive as Soldier (Mobile Office)

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