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TV Series
7.1 2018

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Heidi Bergman is a caseworker at Homecoming, a Geist Group facility helping soldiers transition to civilian life. Years later she has started a new life, living with her mother and working as a waitress, when a Department of Defense auditor questions why she left the Homecoming facility. Heidi quickly realizes that there's a whole other story behind the story she's been telling herself.

Stephan James image
Stephan James as Walter Cruz
Alex Karpovsky image
Alex Karpovsky as Craig
Bobby Cannavale image
Bobby Cannavale as Colin Belfast
Hong Chau image
Hong Chau as Audrey Temple
Julia Roberts image
Julia Roberts as Heidi Bergman
Shea Whigham image
Shea Whigham as Thomas Carrasco
Sissy Spacek image
Sissy Spacek as Ellen Bergman
Janelle Monáe image
Janelle Monáe as Jackie Calico / Alex Eastern
Chris Cooper image
Chris Cooper as Leonard Geist
Ayden Mayeri image
Ayden Mayeri as Reina
Brooke Bloom image
Brooke Bloom as Pam Bailey
Bill Stevenson image
Bill Stevenson as Abe
Marianne Jean-Baptiste image
Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Gloria Morisseau
Alden Ray image
Alden Ray as Maurice
Sam Marra image
Sam Marra as Javen
Jeremy Allen White image
Jeremy Allen White as Joseph Shrier
Frankie Shaw image
Frankie Shaw as Dara
Sydney Tamiia Poitier image
Sydney Tamiia Poitier as Lydia Belfast
Marcus Henderson image
Marcus Henderson as Engel
Gwen Van Dam image
Gwen Van Dam as Mrs. Trotter
Henri Esteve image
Henri Esteve as Abel
Troy Dillinger image
Troy Dillinger as Department of Defense
Tyler Ritter image
Tyler Ritter as Lane
Mary Holland image
Mary Holland as Wendy
Dermot Mulroney image
Dermot Mulroney as Anthony
Jason Rogel image
Jason Rogel as Cory
Default cast image
Lewie Bartone as New Guy
Jimmy Bellinger image
Jimmy Bellinger as Chad
Jacob Pitts image
Jacob Pitts as AJ
Rafi Gavron image
Rafi Gavron as Rainey
Fran Kranz image
Fran Kranz as Ron
Dean Barlage image
Dean Barlage as Facility Client (uncredited)
Default cast image
Garrett Hoo as Core Facility Client (uncredited)
Kristof Konrad image
Kristof Konrad as Mr. Heidl
Frank Gerrish image
Frank Gerrish as Otto
Mark Krenik image
Mark Krenik as Corporate Executive
Johnny Sneed image
Johnny Sneed as Dr. Zamani
Audrey Wasilewski image
Audrey Wasilewski as Officer Donna Posenaz
Christopher Redman image
Christopher Redman as Kyle
Jeni Jones image
Jeni Jones as Geist Employee (uncredited)
Nicole Alicia Xavier image
Nicole Alicia Xavier as Geist Employee (uncredited)
David Trice image
David Trice as Clerk
Chip Chinery image
Chip Chinery as Attending Cop
Default cast image
Armando Molina as Hector
Joel Dupont image
Joel Dupont as Geist Employee (uncredited)
Nancy Friedrich image
Nancy Friedrich as Car Rental Employee
Michael Hyatt image
Michael Hyatt as Evita
John Billingsley image
John Billingsley as Buddy
Meli Alexander image
Meli Alexander as Facility Staff Member (uncredited)
Default cast image
Jessica Leigh Gonzales as Waitress
Jordyn Raya James image
Jordyn Raya James as Ella Belfast
Demetri Belardinelli image
Demetri Belardinelli as Young Couple
Lauren Lakis image
Lauren Lakis as Young Couple
Default cast image
Victor A Zaragoza Jr as Juan / Builder
Perry Mattfeld image
Perry Mattfeld as Makeover Associate
Caitlin Leahy image
Caitlin Leahy as Kate
Default cast image
Monica Zhang as Shopper
Default cast image
Kevyn Bashore as Company Man (uncredited)
Default cast image
Luke Matheis as Shopper (uncredited)
Windi Washington image
Windi Washington as Beautician (uncredited)
Default cast image
Rajiv Khilnani as DOD Officer
Default cast image
Nicolette Sweeney as Jackie
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez image
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez as Ramon
Erin Pineda image
Erin Pineda as Shopkeeper
Default cast image
Ronnie Ashury as Nurse
Tahmus Rounds image
Tahmus Rounds as Customer 1
Karly Rothenberg image
Karly Rothenberg as Customer 2
Jennifer Neala Page image
Jennifer Neala Page as Mom
Paul McKinney image
Paul McKinney as Dad
Bowie Bundlie image
Bowie Bundlie as Boy
Damon O'Daniel image
Damon O'Daniel as GEIST Employee
Default cast image
Chelsea Wallace as Secretary
Default cast image
Peter Michael McDonald as Colonel Harris
Allison King image
Allison King as Café Waitress
Peter A. Hulne image
Peter A. Hulne as Cashier
Jeannetta Arnette image
Jeannetta Arnette as Woman with dogs
Default cast image
Mauro Perez as Vendor
Default cast image
David Austin Veal as General (uncredited)
Mary Anne McGarry image
Mary Anne McGarry as Eileen
Jennifer DeFilippo image
Jennifer DeFilippo as Female Karaoke Singer
Timothy E. Goodwin image
Timothy E. Goodwin as Male Karaoke Singer
Default cast image
Albert Bensabat as Geist Employee (uncredited)
Default cast image
Anna Jaller as Greeter
Jeff Bowser image
Jeff Bowser as Cashier
Default cast image
Ari Frenkel as College Guy
Glenda Morgan Brown image
Glenda Morgan Brown as Older Lady
Michelle Haro image
Michelle Haro as Parking Attendant
Milo Stein image
Milo Stein as Young Boy
Default cast image
Arrianna Leigh as Geist's Secretary
Default cast image
Kevin Bohleber as Geist Employee (uncredited)
Geoffrey Gould image
Geoffrey Gould as Focus Group Product Tester (uncredited)
Maya Kazan image
Maya Kazan as Kaya
Default cast image
Unati Mangaliso as Researcher
Chris Ellis image
Chris Ellis as Richard Lehmann
Ajay Vidure image
Ajay Vidure as Geist Lawyer
Bilal Mir image
Bilal Mir as Waiter
Karen Strassman image
Karen Strassman as Woman
Biff Wiff image
Biff Wiff as Homeless Man
Default cast image
Drue Delio as Shirtless Dude
Default cast image
Clem Darling as Geist Employee
Default cast image
Jake Sidney Cohen as Yaniv
Damian Conrad-Davis image
Damian Conrad-Davis as Zach
Default cast image
Johann Carchidi Abreu as Anton
Default cast image
Mike A. Nidiffer as Geist Employee

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