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Kim's Convenience

TV Series
7.8 2016

4.48% of users on Odanta have watched this.

The funny, heartfelt story of The Kims, a Korean-Canadian family, running a convenience store in downtown Toronto. Mr. and Mrs. Kim ('Appa' and 'Umma') immigrated to Toronto in the '80s to set up shop near Regent Park and had two kids, Jung and Janet who are now young adults. However, when Jung was 16, he and Appa had a major falling out involving a physical fight, stolen money and Jung leaving home. Father and son have been estranged since.

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee image
Paul Sun-Hyung Lee as Appa
Jean Yoon image
Jean Yoon as Umma
Andrea Bang image
Andrea Bang as Janet
Simu Liu image
Simu Liu as Jung
Andrew Phung image
Andrew Phung as Kimchee
Nicole Power image
Nicole Power as Shannon
Benjamin Beauchemin image
Benjamin Beauchemin as Gerald Tremblay
Michael Musi image
Michael Musi as Terence
Sugith Varughese image
Sugith Varughese as Mr. Mehta
Amanda Brugel image
Amanda Brugel as Pastor Nina Gomez
John Ng image
John Ng as Mr. Chin
Gabriella Sundar Singh image
Gabriella Sundar Singh as Chelsea Chettiar
Ziad Ek image
Ziad Ek as Omar
Akosua Amo-Adem image
Akosua Amo-Adem as Stacie
Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll image
Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll as Enrique
Ellora Patnaik image
Ellora Patnaik as Mrs. Mehta
Derek McGrath image
Derek McGrath as Frank
Ishan Davé image
Ishan Davé as Raj Mehta
Getenesh Berhe image
Getenesh Berhe as Semira
Christina Song image
Christina Song as Mrs. Lee
Kris Hagen image
Kris Hagen as Sketchy-Looking Dude
Uni Park image
Uni Park as Mrs. Park
Sabrina Grdevich image
Sabrina Grdevich as Ms. Murray
Marco Grazzini image
Marco Grazzini as Alejandro
Hrant Alianak image
Hrant Alianak as Baran
Default cast image
William Webster as Mr. Petrenko
Kayla Lorette image
Kayla Lorette as Dree Davis
Gavin Williams image
Gavin Williams as Cereal Customer
Default cast image
Lara Arabian as Mrs. Ada
Benjamin Sutherland image
Benjamin Sutherland as Nathan
Diana Leblanc image
Diana Leblanc as Mary
Jamillah Ross image
Jamillah Ross as Ranisha
Rachelle Casseus image
Rachelle Casseus as Michelle
Default cast image
Maika Harper as Michaela
Gia Sandhu image
Gia Sandhu as Marlow
James Yi image
James Yi as Jimmy Young
Jenny Raven image
Jenny Raven as Gwen
Shaleen Mulvany image
Shaleen Mulvany as Fatima
Default cast image
Jaemoon Lee as Another Job Applicant
Default cast image
Paolo Santalucia as Kevin
Hiro Kanagawa image
Hiro Kanagawa as Pastor Choi
Michael Xavier image
Michael Xavier as Alex Jackson
Default cast image
Karen Jewels as Lisa
Zach Smadu image
Zach Smadu as Peter
Kunal Jaggi image
Kunal Jaggi as Omar
Tyler Murree image
Tyler Murree as Brian
Kevin Vidal image
Kevin Vidal as Roger
Default cast image
Tina Jung as Jeanie Park
Default cast image
Soo-Ram Kim as Nayoung
Default cast image
Gina Kash Dineen as Face Cream Customer
Default cast image
Harveen Sandhu as Halimah
Sana Asad image
Sana Asad as Sari
Default cast image
Onyekachi Ejim as Walid
Default cast image
Sharon Forrester as Trish
Andy Yu image
Andy Yu as Job Applicant
Alexander Nunez image
Alexander Nunez as Boy Toy
Thom Allison image
Thom Allison as Therese
Ali Badshah image
Ali Badshah as Terry
Default cast image
Louisa Martin as Photo Customer
Default cast image
Roshel London as Trish's Daughter
Default cast image
Marcel Stewart as Scratch and Win Customer
Sarena Parmar image
Sarena Parmar as Esi
Default cast image
Dylan Casanova as Noah
Default cast image
Khalon Nash as Vijay
Default cast image
Andrew Jaehyun Park as Korean Server
Default cast image
Cody Gallant as Washroom Boy
Jennifer Gibson image
Jennifer Gibson as Illyanka
Default cast image
Lydia Monet as Natalia
Default cast image
Marc-Anthony Sarria as Teen Robber
Meghan Allen image
Meghan Allen as Police Woman
Default cast image
Matt Raymond as Oliver
Eileen Li image
Eileen Li as Grace Lee
Default cast image
Tommy Chang as Master Chu
Jung-Yul Kim image
Jung-Yul Kim as Big Hapkido Student
Paul Beer image
Paul Beer as Maitre D
Default cast image
Aimee Lee as Eun-Ji
Jeremy Hernandez image
Jeremy Hernandez as Semira Customer
Janet Porter image
Janet Porter as Petition Woman
Kevin Bundy image
Kevin Bundy as Edwin Carter
Default cast image
Neeky Dalir as Reshma
Default cast image
Ghazal Azarbad as Naya
Patrice Goodman image
Patrice Goodman as Dr. Peterson
Kimberly-Sue Murray image
Kimberly-Sue Murray as Nurse Sarah
Default cast image
Damiãn Garth Brown as Alan the Business Man
Diego Matamoros image
Diego Matamoros as Battery Man
Default cast image
Laaibah Alvi as Fatiha
Ali Momen image
Ali Momen as Handsome Customer
Leah Doz image
Leah Doz as Attractive Female Server
Tony Nappo image
Tony Nappo as Keith
Default cast image
David MacLean as Candy Customer
Morgan Kohan image
Morgan Kohan as Jen
Lynne Griffin image
Lynne Griffin as Chatty Customer
Default cast image
Jordan Pettle as Candy Dad
Default cast image
Ken Mohabir as Yogurt Customer
Isaak Bailey image
Isaak Bailey as Ephraim the Candy Kid
Default cast image
William Healy as Vandal Teen
Default cast image
Imanuel Brown as Other Vandal Teen
Default cast image
Demi Oliver as Thomas
Default cast image
Nicole Babb as Silent Customer
Tim Progosh image
Tim Progosh as Kelly
Todd Campbell image
Todd Campbell as Lonely Guy
Default cast image
Artur Adamski as Dance Instructor
Andrew Bee image
Andrew Bee as Umma's Dance Partner
Default cast image
Taborah Johnson as Lois Johnson
Ardon Bess image
Ardon Bess as Arthur
Gabrielle Graham image
Gabrielle Graham as Sage
Brandon McKnight image
Brandon McKnight as Window Washer
Default cast image
Keith Kemps as Chip Customer
Jess Salgueiro image
Jess Salgueiro as Elena
Default cast image
Won-jae Lee as Tony Yang
Izaak Smith image
Izaak Smith as Diner Cop
Wilfred Lee image
Wilfred Lee as Choir Member
Default cast image
Kimmy Choi as Anoter Choir Member
Default cast image
Sarah Kim as Yet Another Choir Member
Default cast image
Arup Kumar as Ice Customer
Roland Greber image
Roland Greber as Other Diner Cop
Shaquan Lewis image
Shaquan Lewis as Another Diner Cop
Default cast image
Deklon Roberts as Yet Another Diner Cop
Richard Young image
Richard Young as Brad
Kim Roberts image
Kim Roberts as Lottery Clerk
Default cast image
Lawrence Cotton as Another Coat Bidder
Obssa Ahmed image
Obssa Ahmed as Graffiti Artist
Default cast image
Earl McLean Jr. as Prius Customer
Yahsmin Daviault image
Yahsmin Daviault as Coat Bidder
Amrit Kaur image
Amrit Kaur as Lauren
Manuel Rodriguez-Saenz image
Manuel Rodriguez-Saenz as Santi
Default cast image
Aaliyah Cinello as Ashley
Elie Gemael image
Elie Gemael as Mr. Ada
Default cast image
Alexia Boyagian as Ada Daughter
Default cast image
Joey Nijem as Ada Son
Default cast image
Katrina Chalhoub-Begin as Other Ada Daughter
Default cast image
Gloria Valentine as Grandma Ada
Default cast image
Premika Leo as Aunt Ada
Chadi Alhelou image
Chadi Alhelou as Uncle Ada
Default cast image
Sophia Ewaniuk as Teenage Girl
Default cast image
Ashleigh Rains as Hipster Mom
Mark Sparks image
Mark Sparks as Party Police Officer
Default cast image
Adam Bernett as Waiter
Tammy Isbell image
Tammy Isbell as Dog Owner
Default cast image
Reetu Bambrah as Bartender
Joe Delfin image
Joe Delfin as Partier
Miguel Anthony image
Miguel Anthony as Bouncer
Default cast image
Darren Gallo as Rose Man
Paulyne Wei image
Paulyne Wei as Dim Sum Server
Gwynne Phillips image
Gwynne Phillips as Katie
Soma Bhatia image
Soma Bhatia as Divya
Jill Frappier image
Jill Frappier as Mrs. Taylor
Default cast image
Aya Bryn Zakarya as Not-Melissa
Nadine Whiteman image
Nadine Whiteman as Amanda Brookfield
Tricia Black image
Tricia Black as Marguerite
Kwasi Songui image
Kwasi Songui as Gus
Kevin Claydon image
Kevin Claydon as Officer Tiggs
Ayesha Mansur Gonsalves image
Ayesha Mansur Gonsalves as Captain Leaming
Martin Roach image
Martin Roach as Randy
Default cast image
Andrew Muir as Charles
Jason Diaz image
Jason Diaz as Pete
Harmeet Bhatti image
Harmeet Bhatti as Deanne
Nicolette Pearse image
Nicolette Pearse as Sydney
Default cast image
Sydney Kuhne as Tara
Dayle McLeod image
Dayle McLeod as Shyleigh
Daren A. Herbert image
Daren A. Herbert as Kwami
Dmitry Chepovetsky image
Dmitry Chepovetsky as Doctor
Kevin Jubinville image
Kevin Jubinville as Dylan
Ronnie Rowe image
Ronnie Rowe as Daniel

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