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TV Series
7.4 2018

1.35% of users on Odanta have watched this.

Two strangers are drawn to a mysterious pharmaceutical trial that will, they're assured, with no complications or side-effects whatsoever, solve all of their problems, permanently. Things do not go as planned.

Emma Stone image
Emma Stone as Annie Landsberg
Jonah Hill image
Jonah Hill as Owen Milgrim
Sonoya Mizuno image
Sonoya Mizuno as Dr. Azumi Fujita
Justin Theroux image
Justin Theroux as Dr. James K. Mantleray
Sally Field image
Sally Field as Dr. Greta Mantleray
Kathleen Choe image
Kathleen Choe as 3
Danny Hoch image
Danny Hoch as 5
James Monroe Iglehart image
James Monroe Iglehart as Carl
Default cast image
Dai Ishiguro as Head Control Tech
Allyce Beasley image
Allyce Beasley as 11
Stephen Hill image
Stephen Hill as 7
Sejal Shah image
Sejal Shah as First Medical Tech
Billy Magnussen image
Billy Magnussen as Jed Milgrim
Default cast image
Aaralyn Anderson as Belle Milgrim
Gabriel Byrne image
Gabriel Byrne as Porter Milgrim
Jemima Kirke image
Jemima Kirke as Adelaide
Julia Garner image
Julia Garner as Ellie Landsberg
Default cast image
Nate Craig as Phil
Alexandra Curran image
Alexandra Curran as Holly Milgrim
Trudie Styler image
Trudie Styler as Angelica Milgrim
Default cast image
Christian DeMarais as Mike Milgrim
Default cast image
Cailin Loesch as Lady of Arquesta
Default cast image
Hannah Loesch as Lady of Arquesta
Geoffrey Cantor image
Geoffrey Cantor as Frank
Rome Kanda image
Rome Kanda as Dr. Muramoto
Default cast image
Zach Shearon as Young Boy in a Truck
Hank Azaria image
Hank Azaria as Hank Landsberg (voice)
Ariel Kavoussi image
Ariel Kavoussi as Female Ad Buddy / Bianca Forsythe / Dragonfly (voice)
Selenis Leyva image
Selenis Leyva as Patricia Lugo
Lev Gorn image
Lev Gorn as Sokolov
Josh Pais image
Josh Pais as Andy
Grace Van Patten image
Grace Van Patten as Olivia Meadows
Eric T. Miller image
Eric T. Miller as Daddy's Here Operator
Marlene Ginader image
Marlene Ginader as Beth Sanders
Leo Fitzpatrick image
Leo Fitzpatrick as Lance
Jojo Gonzalez image
Jojo Gonzalez as Agent Lopez
Default cast image
Maxine Prescott as Mrs. Finkelstein
Joseph Sikora image
Joseph Sikora as JC
David Fierro image
David Fierro as Ad Buddy
Jonathan Rentler image
Jonathan Rentler as
Mike Masters image
Mike Masters as
Lauren E. Banks image
Lauren E. Banks as Winged Nymph
Lindsey Blanchard image
Lindsey Blanchard as Little Ellie
Marcus Toji image
Marcus Toji as Calvin
Rob Yang image
Rob Yang as Matt Ming
Ben Sinclair image
Ben Sinclair as
Elaine Bromka image
Elaine Bromka as
Rob DeRosa image
Rob DeRosa as
Jennifer Ikeda image
Jennifer Ikeda as
Subhash Mandal image
Subhash Mandal as
Tony Manna image
Tony Manna as
Sean Meehan image
Sean Meehan as General Nathan Banner
Louis Arcella image
Louis Arcella as Portuguese General
Lukas Hassel image
Lukas Hassel as Danish General
Default cast image
Min-wen Huang as
Default cast image
Olivia Whelan as
Glenn Fleshler image
Glenn Fleshler as
Alexandra Henrikson image
Alexandra Henrikson as
Default cast image
Alix Korey as
Default cast image
Jacqueline Grabois as
Glenn Wein image
Glenn Wein as
Chris Ghaffari image
Chris Ghaffari as Julio
Laura Marie Steigers image
Laura Marie Steigers as Nurse
Sissy Sheridan image
Sissy Sheridan as

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