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Master of None

TV Series
7.6 2015

5.83% of users on Odanta have watched this.

30-year-old New York actor Dev takes on such pillars of maturity as the first big job, a serious relationship, and busting sex offenders on the subway.

Aziz Ansari image
Aziz Ansari as Dev
Lena Waithe image
Lena Waithe as Denise
Eric Wareheim image
Eric Wareheim as Arnold
Noël Wells image
Noël Wells as Rachel
Alessandra Mastronardi image
Alessandra Mastronardi as Francesca
Kelvin Yu image
Kelvin Yu as Brian
Naomi Ackie image
Naomi Ackie as Alicia
Default cast image
Shoukath Ansari as Ramesh
Todd Barry image
Todd Barry as Todd
H. Jon Benjamin image
H. Jon Benjamin as Benjamin
Bobby Cannavale image
Bobby Cannavale as Jeff
Riccardo Scamarcio image
Riccardo Scamarcio as Pino
Ilfenesh Hadera image
Ilfenesh Hadera as Lisa
Danielle Brooks image
Danielle Brooks as Shannon
Default cast image
Fatima Ansari as Nisha
Danielle Davenport image
Danielle Davenport as Carla
Default cast image
Nicoló Ambrosio as Mario
Default cast image
Raffaella Panichi as Angela
Default cast image
Lakshmi Sundaram as Tanvi
Condola Rashad image
Condola Rashad as Diana
Tiya Sircar image
Tiya Sircar as Priya
Leonard Ouzts image
Leonard Ouzts as Lawrence
Clem Cheung image
Clem Cheung as Peter
Angela Bassett image
Angela Bassett as Catherine
Anthony Welsh image
Anthony Welsh as Darius
Default cast image
Rupak Ramki as Child Dev
Ravi Patel image
Ravi Patel as Ravi Patel
Default cast image
Steven L. Barron as Priest
Default cast image
Giorgio Pighi as Giorgio
Default cast image
Zachary Marco as Mr. Marco
Claire Danes image
Claire Danes as Nina
Annie Chang image
Annie Chang as Caroline
Noah Emmerich image
Noah Emmerich as Mark
Brian Charles Johnson image
Brian Charles Johnson as Jason
Mirirai Sithole image
Mirirai Sithole as Clerk
Colin Salmon image
Colin Salmon as Colin
John Reynolds image
John Reynolds as Excited Dude
John Legend image
John Legend as John Legend
Lauren Miller image
Lauren Miller as Christine
Erica Mena image
Erica Mena as Nikki
Ito Aghayere image
Ito Aghayere as Lauren
Clare-Hope Ashitey image
Clare-Hope Ashitey as Sara
Stephen Lin image
Stephen Lin as Young Peter
Katlyn Carlson image
Katlyn Carlson as Kristy
Adam B. Shapiro image
Adam B. Shapiro as Michael
Default cast image
Leila Grace as Lila
Default cast image
Harrison Wright as Grant
Maria Dizzia image
Maria Dizzia as Amanda
Default cast image
David Ebert as Kyle
David Krumholtz image
David Krumholtz as Nathan
Alexia Rasmussen image
Alexia Rasmussen as Alex
Cady Huffman image
Cady Huffman as Christina
Mahadeo Shivraj image
Mahadeo Shivraj as Dr. Ramusami
Nina Arianda image
Nina Arianda as Alice
Adam Grupper image
Adam Grupper as Danvers
Gerrard Lobo image
Gerrard Lobo as Anush
Derek Peith image
Derek Peith as Rick
Samantha Cope image
Samantha Cope as Joan
Default cast image
Jake Speck as Timothy
Bobby Tisdale image
Bobby Tisdale as Lathram Lee
Default cast image
Joshua Hedley as Fletcher
Default cast image
Doug Trapp as Roger
Default cast image
Samuel Whited as Steve
Brian Berrebbi image
Brian Berrebbi as Derek
James Ciccone image
James Ciccone as Ronald
Grace Rex image
Grace Rex as Marie
Ian Kahn image
Ian Kahn as Brad
James Dwyer image
James Dwyer as Blake
Default cast image
Duane Allen Robinson as Police Officer
Default cast image
Malachi Nimmons as Dwayne
Lynn Cohen image
Lynn Cohen as Carol
Default cast image
Ed Setrakian as Hampton
Default cast image
Brian Corrigan as Randall
Default cast image
James Dickson as Gideon
Kevin Yamada image
Kevin Yamada as Pharmacist
Default cast image
Lara Goldie as Brenda
Default cast image
Monroe Martin III as Excited Dude
Swayam Bhatia image
Swayam Bhatia as Dev's Daughter
Default cast image
Anthony Bells as Dev's Son
Mary Elaine Ramsey image
Mary Elaine Ramsey as Young Woman
Default cast image
Natalie Charle Ellis as Mom
Asia Kate Dillon image
Asia Kate Dillon as Line Lady #1
Default cast image
Gina Lamparella as Line Lady #2
Russ Armstrong image
Russ Armstrong as Clerk
Default cast image
Daniele De Maio as Thief
Matt Patresi image
Matt Patresi as Detective
Paolo Sassanelli image
Paolo Sassanelli as Policeman
Ciara Renée image
Ciara Renée as Ellen
Barak Hardley image
Barak Hardley as Bernard
Mona Sishodia image
Mona Sishodia as Sabina
Default cast image
Rasik Ohal as Salil
Default cast image
Harris Gani as Navid
Default cast image
Alison Barton as Colleen
Aparna Nancherla image
Aparna Nancherla as Stephanie
Default cast image
Mary Elizabeth Kelly as Valerie
Default cast image
Cody Lindquist as Nancy
Pallavi Sastry image
Pallavi Sastry as Sona
Default cast image
Frank Harts as Eddie
Default cast image
Ruperto Vanderpool as Ramon
José Ramón Rosario image
José Ramón Rosario as Diego
Joseph Adams image
Joseph Adams as Mr. Strickland
Elaine Kussack image
Elaine Kussack as Mrs. Atkinson
Suzanne Hevner image
Suzanne Hevner as Florence
Treshelle Edmond image
Treshelle Edmond as Maya
Stanley Bahorek image
Stanley Bahorek as Barry
Maleni Chaitoo image
Maleni Chaitoo as Shruti
Default cast image
Enock Ntekereze as Samuel
Default cast image
Cyrille Njikeng as Watson
Default cast image
Luc Owono as Junior
Souleymane Sy Savane image
Souleymane Sy Savane as Jameson
Kym Whitley image
Kym Whitley as Joyce
Venida Evans image
Venida Evans as Ernestine
Ebony Obsidian image
Ebony Obsidian as Michelle
Rosalind Eleazar image
Rosalind Eleazar as Heather
Aysha Kala image
Aysha Kala as Reshmi
Christine Ko image
Christine Ko as Ashley
Default cast image
Geoffrey Dawe as Art
Default cast image
Tarun Vaidhyanathan as Child Ramesh
Default cast image
Nandha Sivakumar as Indian Bully
Default cast image
Alan Wong as Assistant Casting Director
Rohan Kymal image
Rohan Kymal as Young Ramesh
Default cast image
Kapaleeswaran Venkatachalam as Ramesh's Father
Tom Galantich image
Tom Galantich as Racist Doctor
Shunori Ramanathan image
Shunori Ramanathan as Young Nisha
Mason Yam image
Mason Yam as Child Peter
Default cast image
Wayne Chang as Peter's Father
Amy Chang image
Amy Chang as Peter's Wife
Default cast image
Lisa Walker as Racist Host
Michael Tow image
Michael Tow as Waiter
Makia Martin image
Makia Martin as Alexis
De'Adre Aziza image
De'Adre Aziza as President
Robert Ray Manning Jr. image
Robert Ray Manning Jr. as Scientist
Default cast image
K.K. Glick as Claire
Default cast image
Khanya Mkhize as Michelle
Default cast image
Lawrence Jansen as Bartender
Father John Misty image
Father John Misty as Father John Misty
Elizabeth Sun image
Elizabeth Sun as Father John Misty Band Member
Default cast image
Alvaro Paulino Jr. as Mariachi 1
Default cast image
Juan Bravo Jr. as Mariachi 2
Default cast image
Felix Campos as Mariachi 3
Default cast image
Christopher Piccione as Dude
Default cast image
Tessa Drake as Girl
James Collins Jr. image
James Collins Jr. as Security Guard
Susan Blackwell image
Susan Blackwell as Lucy
Default cast image
John Quilty as Different Casting Director
Default cast image
Colton Maurer as Rich Kid
Brett Azar image
Brett Azar as Terrence
Busta Rhymes image
Busta Rhymes as Busta Rhymes
Default cast image
Bob Johnson as Leonard
Default cast image
Lane Kwederis as Diana's Friend 1
Ryan Matthew White image
Ryan Matthew White as Diana's Friend 2
Chester Jones III image
Chester Jones III as Male Employee
Default cast image
Teresa Meza as Lady on Subway
Suni Reyes image
Suni Reyes as Woman 3
Joe Passaro image
Joe Passaro as Man
Default cast image
Roxanne Roca as Young Carol
Adrienne Lovette image
Adrienne Lovette as Woman
Bobbi Page image
Bobbi Page as Singer
Carmine Raspaolo image
Carmine Raspaolo as Anthony
Ricky Velez image
Ricky Velez as Ricky
Default cast image
John O'Creagh as Priest
Default cast image
Jenni Barber as Andrea
Benjamin Thys image
Benjamin Thys as Larry
Ann Harada image
Ann Harada as Passenger
Default cast image
Nicola Marzano as Matteo Godardes
Default cast image
Antonio Cometa as Waiter
Default cast image
Alessandro Laganà as Ale
Default cast image
Romina Filipetti as Romina
Default cast image
Lorenzo Ansaloni as Shopkeeper
Default cast image
Ludovico Casolari as Phone Owner
Default cast image
Francesca Marino as Caterina
Default cast image
Roberto Corradi as Old Man
Massimo Bottura image
Massimo Bottura as Massimo Bottura
Default cast image
Jay Natelle as Ellen's Dad
Elia Nichols image
Elia Nichols as Aunt Jeannie
Default cast image
Jacqueline Grabois as Anne
Default cast image
Adam Kaokept as Thai Waiter
Joshua Cruz image
Joshua Cruz as Waiter
Default cast image
Alex Danilov as Young Boy
Default cast image
Pasha Newmerzhitzky as Young Boy's Dad
Default cast image
Anjali Agneshwas as Young Hindu Girl
Default cast image
Ethan Harkavy as Young Jewish Kid
Default cast image
Melo Ludwig as Young Scientologist
Default cast image
Di Quon as Female Mourner
Default cast image
Krystyna Hutchinson as Brenda Turlington
Default cast image
Grace Parra Janney as Madeleine
Miriam A. Hyman image
Miriam A. Hyman as Madeleine's Friend
Default cast image
Samantha Tunis as Waitress
Jen Jacob image
Jen Jacob as Paola
Default cast image
Ioana Alfonso as Latina Woman
Default cast image
Jowin Marie Batoon as Karen
Sarah Clements image
Sarah Clements as Rebecca
Default cast image
Jason Mello as Bar Fighter
Default cast image
Zach Roberts as Bar Fighter
Zachary Spicer image
Zachary Spicer as Patrick
Default cast image
Jon Bander as Ted
Nelson Ascencio image
Nelson Ascencio as Tim
Default cast image
Sincée J. Daniels as Barman
Alexander Blaise image
Alexander Blaise as Stewart
Vanessa Rubio image
Vanessa Rubio as Hostess
Default cast image
Philippe Tayag as Jabbawockeez
Default cast image
Keith Brewer as Jabbawockeez
Default cast image
Jeff Nguyen as Jabbawockeez
Default cast image
Rynan 'Rainen' Paguio as Jabbawockeez
Alexis Kelley image
Alexis Kelley as Kelsey
Default cast image
Pietro González as Carlos
Mike Massimino image
Mike Massimino as Ryan
Default cast image
Howie Rose as Howie Rose
Clem McIntosh image
Clem McIntosh as Customer
Default cast image
Jennifer Alexander as Female Shopper
Ryan Buggle image
Ryan Buggle as Child 1
Default cast image
Lily Lewinter as Child 2
Devale Ellis image
Devale Ellis as Security Guard
Default cast image
Stephanie Rothenberg as Alexa
Breanne Racano image
Breanne Racano as Sandra
Sandy Kenyon image
Sandy Kenyon as Sandy Kenyon
Default cast image
Moise Ntekereze as Guy on Bluetooth
Barthelemy Atsin image
Barthelemy Atsin as Doorman
Joseph Castillo-Midyett image
Joseph Castillo-Midyett as Slick Guy
Blaine Morris image
Blaine Morris as Waitress
Default cast image
Brittany Campbell as Kerry
Kim Rosen image
Kim Rosen as Corrine
Sasha Hutchings image
Sasha Hutchings as Amelia
Andy Samberg image
Andy Samberg as Nicolas Cage (voice)
Cedric the Entertainer image
Cedric the Entertainer as The Magnificent Kenny
Felice Choi image
Felice Choi as Linda
Carole Troll image
Carole Troll as Nurse
Lori Hammel image
Lori Hammel as Carol
Catrina Ganey image
Catrina Ganey as Ellen
Jamar Greene image
Jamar Greene as Nathaniel
Default cast image
Vijay Mahimtura as Kid Dev
Default cast image
Heaven Michelle McCoy as Kid Denise
Default cast image
Aryan Renjith as Pre-Teen Dev
Default cast image
Casey Renee as Pre-Teen Denise
Suraj Partha image
Suraj Partha as Teen Dev
Eden Duncan-Smith image
Eden Duncan-Smith as Teen Denise
Default cast image
Ian Duncan as Nigel
Velson D'Souza image
Velson D'Souza as Host
Default cast image
Tama Filianga as Kris
Default cast image
Syed Ahamed as Syed
Default cast image
T. Ray Treece as T Ray
Beck Bennett image
Beck Bennett as Helicopter Pilot
Raven-Symoné image
Raven-Symoné as Raven-Symoné
Tadashi Mitsui image
Tadashi Mitsui as Katoman
Default cast image
Andre Ward as Graham
Harlin C. Kearsley image
Harlin C. Kearsley as Raven Live Director
Default cast image
Robert Siverls as Male Audience Member
Jessica Watson image
Jessica Watson as Tara
Faith Alabi image
Faith Alabi as Lauren
Davina Moon image
Davina Moon as Paula
Default cast image
Sophia Kolinas as Mandy
Default cast image
Adam Jackson-Smith as Steve
Default cast image
Stephanie Street as Kelly
Desiree Burch image
Desiree Burch as Wendy
Pandora Colin image
Pandora Colin as Dr. Perkins
Default cast image
Tabitha Storton as Cameron
George Potts image
George Potts as Donald
Marianne Jean-Baptiste image
Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Sharon
Default cast image
Rachel Sophia-Anthony as Rachael
Georgia Goodman image
Georgia Goodman as Shevon
Default cast image
Cordelia Blair as Nurse Cordelia
Rob Huebel image
Rob Huebel as Hudson
Default cast image
Kammy Darweish as Phil
John Cannon image
John Cannon as Mike

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