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Mozart in the Jungle

TV Series
7.5 2014

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In the tradition of Anthony Bourdain's "Kitchen Confidential" and Gelsey Kirkland's "Dancing on my Grave" comes an insider’s look into the secret world of classical musicians. From her debut recital at Carnegie Recital Hall to the Broadway pits of "Les Miserables" and "Miss Saigon," Blair Tindall has played with some of the biggest names in classical music for twenty-five years. Now in "Mozart in the Jungle," Tindall exposes the scandalous rock and roll lifestyles of the musicians, conductors, and administrators who inhabit the insular world of classical music.

Gael García Bernal image
Gael García Bernal as Rodrigo De Souza
Lola Kirke image
Lola Kirke as Hailey Rutledge
Saffron Burrows image
Saffron Burrows as Cynthia Taylor
Bernadette Peters image
Bernadette Peters as Gloria Windsor
Malcolm McDowell image
Malcolm McDowell as Thomas Pembridge
Mark Blum image
Mark Blum as Union Bob
Joel Bernstein image
Joel Bernstein as Warren Boyd
Debra Monk image
Debra Monk as Betty Cragdale
Adam David Thompson image
Adam David Thompson as Craig G
Daniel Breaker image
Daniel Breaker as Virgil
Ken Barnett image
Ken Barnett as Christophe
Jennifer Kim image
Jennifer Kim as Sharon
Peter Vack image
Peter Vack as Alex Merriweather
Cole Escola image
Cole Escola as Shawn
Default cast image
Ruibo Qian as Triangle Tanya
Brennan Brown image
Brennan Brown as Edward Biben
Jason Schwartzman image
Jason Schwartzman as Bradford Sharpe
Gretchen Mol image
Gretchen Mol as Nina Robertson
Christian Coulson image
Christian Coulson as Sebastian
Aaron Moten image
Aaron Moten as Erik Winkelstrauss
Wallace Shawn image
Wallace Shawn as Winslow Elliott
Nora Arnezeder image
Nora Arnezeder as Ana Maria
Monica Bellucci image
Monica Bellucci as Alessandra
Christian De Sica image
Christian De Sica as Impresario Beppi
Default cast image
Giovanni Silvestrini as Audience in Venice (uncredited)
Default cast image
Grasan Kingsberry as Ben
Matthew Maher image
Matthew Maher as Alan Lawford
John Cameron Mitchell image
John Cameron Mitchell as Egon
Miles Robbins image
Miles Robbins as Danny / Erase Face
Mary Louise Wilson image
Mary Louise Wilson as Bunny
Default cast image
Nikki Massoud as Sasha
Raymond Lee image
Raymond Lee as Arlen
Santino Fontana image
Santino Fontana as Mozart
Masi Oka image
Masi Oka as Fukumoto
Doris McCarthy image
Doris McCarthy as Nun (uncredited)
John Hodgman image
John Hodgman as Marlon
Default cast image
Mary Shultz as Older Woman 3
Margaret Ladd image
Margaret Ladd as Claire
Andrea Bruschi image
Andrea Bruschi as Vlad
Emilio Echevarría image
Emilio Echevarría as Maestro Ignacio Rivera
Andrew Elvis Miller image
Andrew Elvis Miller as Lars
Dermot Mulroney image
Dermot Mulroney as Andrew Walsh
Default cast image
Joshua Bell as Joshua Bell
Baron Davis image
Baron Davis as Kevin Majors
Default cast image
Kristen Faith Oei as Dancer #3
Karine Plantadit image
Karine Plantadit as Dancer #1
Bruce Davison image
Bruce Davison as Hesby Ennis
Socorro Santiago image
Socorro Santiago as Rosa
Makenzie Leigh image
Makenzie Leigh as Addison
Default cast image
Constantine Maroulis as Oedipus
Jerry Adler image
Jerry Adler as Lazlo
Alan Aisenberg image
Alan Aisenberg as Sidney
Default cast image
Griffin Birney as Duncan
Nashawn Kearse image
Nashawn Kearse as Neighbor
Frank Rodriguez image
Frank Rodriguez as Town Car Driver
Default cast image
Mckean Rand as Evan
Default cast image
Stevie Steel as Sarabelle Westmore
Default cast image
Blair Tindall as Blair Tindall (uncredited)
Esai Morales image
Esai Morales as Juan Delgado
Nancy Cejari image
Nancy Cejari as Business Woman (uncredited)
Jos Laniado image
Jos Laniado as Spectator (uncredited)
Luke Rampersad image
Luke Rampersad as Lennox
Default cast image
Ana Cecilia Stieglitz as Flight Attendant
Lucia Guzzardi image
Lucia Guzzardi as Annunziata
Tenoch Huerta Mejía image
Tenoch Huerta Mejía as Manu
Alessandro Bressanello image
Alessandro Bressanello as Lionel
Andrea Dugoni image
Andrea Dugoni as Parlotti
Daniele Blando image
Daniele Blando as Head of Claque
Default cast image
Paolo Braghetto as Fotografo (uncredited)
Seth Barrish image
Seth Barrish as Roger Colson
Default cast image
Melody Yang as Melody Yang
Irene Choi image
Irene Choi as Ester Park
Adina Verson image
Adina Verson as Nannerl
Frank Wood image
Frank Wood as Keith
David Turner image
David Turner as Liberace
Default cast image
Lindsey Brett Carothers as Singer #3
Ayako Fujitani image
Ayako Fujitani as Yuki Nakamura
Ryo Kase image
Ryo Kase as Daisuke Ueno
Mieko Harada image
Mieko Harada as Sadako
Taisaku Akino image
Taisaku Akino as Takashi
Default cast image
Will Graham as WAM (voice)
Hatsunori Hasegawa image
Hatsunori Hasegawa as Noburo
Masaki Naito image
Masaki Naito as Rodrigo Fanatic
Yuki Shibamoto image
Yuki Shibamoto as Judge's Assistant #1
Default cast image
Yasunari Takeshima as Tateo
Michael Emerson image
Michael Emerson as Morton Norton
Ramsey Faragallah image
Ramsey Faragallah as Daniel Mahajan
Drena De Niro image
Drena De Niro as Carmen
Ava Gallucci image
Ava Gallucci as Tara
Chloe Fineman image
Chloe Fineman as Fanny Mendelssohn
Bob Dishy image
Bob Dishy as Bruno
Gabriel Millman image
Gabriel Millman as Drunk Boy
Rachel Zeiger-Haag image
Rachel Zeiger-Haag as Drunk Girl
Eddie K. Robinson image
Eddie K. Robinson as Party Guy #1
Kaitlin Mesh image
Kaitlin Mesh as Dancer #3
Default cast image
Katie Webber as Dancer #6
Samuel Stricklen image
Samuel Stricklen as Violinist
Raymond McAnally image
Raymond McAnally as Percussionist
David Shih image
David Shih as Pianist
Default cast image
Brenna Palughi as Threesome Woman
Default cast image
James E. Graseck as Homeless Violinist
Default cast image
Annie McNamara as Cathy
Default cast image
Cicily Daniels as Clerk
Amirah Vann image
Amirah Vann as Nurse
Default cast image
Ian Joseph Paget as Alex Dance Double
Michael Braun image
Michael Braun as Robert
Default cast image
Beth Dixon as Older Woman 1
Joanna Bonaro image
Joanna Bonaro as Maria
Liam Craig image
Liam Craig as Priest
Default cast image
Greg McFadden as Producer
Default cast image
Samantha Sherman as Box Office Lady
Samuel Ray Gates image
Samuel Ray Gates as Spiritualist
Keith Poulson image
Keith Poulson as Derrick
Joseph J. Parks image
Joseph J. Parks as Old Man
Default cast image
Kevin Michael Murphy as Stunt Thief
Default cast image
Michele Everwine as Party Girl in Fur (uncredited)
Aly Mang image
Aly Mang as Bartender (uncredited)
Daniel Raymont image
Daniel Raymont as Emanuel Oosthuizen
Michael Devine image
Michael Devine as Officer #2
Default cast image
Brendan Titley as Bartender
Default cast image
Manuel Cabral as Man in Window
Jalina Mercado image
Jalina Mercado as School Girl (uncredited)
Ekaterina Samsonov image
Ekaterina Samsonov as Alice
Default cast image
Diane Kagan as Winifred
David Ross image
David Ross as Valet
Susan Blommaert image
Susan Blommaert as Karla
Constance Barron image
Constance Barron as Society Woman
Logan Riley Bruner image
Logan Riley Bruner as Kid #2
Erica Newhouse image
Erica Newhouse as Stylish Woman
Phil Oddo image
Phil Oddo as Party Guest (uncredited)
Default cast image
Rufus Collins as Psychiatrist
Default cast image
Diego Acevedo as Rudy
Mike Massimino image
Mike Massimino as Security Guard
Default cast image
Steve Mellor as Hotel Clerk
Default cast image
Ayumi Patterson as Benita
Default cast image
Ivo Velon as Jean-Luc (uncredited)
Kathleen Butler image
Kathleen Butler as Elisabeth Meriweather
Gustavo Dudamel image
Gustavo Dudamel as Stage Manager
Chris Marquette image
Chris Marquette as Mozart
Default cast image
Michael D. Joseph as Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Kelly P. Williams image
Kelly P. Williams as Softball Ballerina (uncredited)
Default cast image
Adam Enright as Naked Performance Artist
Default cast image
Anton Coppola as Anton Gallo
Default cast image
Lee Shepherd as Mr. Hamburg
Max Chernin image
Max Chernin as Jazz Hander
Default cast image
Eddie Cooper as Jazz Hands Pitcher
Paul Romero image
Paul Romero as Heart Attack Guy
Lang Lang image
Lang Lang as Lang Lang
Emanuel Ax image
Emanuel Ax as Emanuel Ax
Default cast image
Alan Gilbert as Alan Gilbert
Henry Stram image
Henry Stram as Process Server
Sofía Sisniega image
Sofía Sisniega as Cocktail Waitress
Default cast image
Gabriel Pingarrón as Erasmus
Maya Zapata image
Maya Zapata as Paula
Default cast image
Gimena Gómez as Anita
Default cast image
Amelia Zapata as Paula's Mom
Ana Ofelia Murguía image
Ana Ofelia Murguía as Nana Graciela
Default cast image
Yolanda Abbud L. as Aunt Lola
Myrna Cabello image
Myrna Cabello as Lead Handler
Default cast image
Juan Pablo Noval as Driver
Patrick Husted image
Patrick Husted as Priest
Default cast image
Deborah Finley as Nun (uncredited)
Charles Fleischer image
Charles Fleischer as Dr. Tashoff
Brian d'Arcy James image
Brian d'Arcy James as Ludwig van Beethoven
Piter Marek image
Piter Marek as Reg
Anais Lee image
Anais Lee as Kid 2
Dante Pereira-Olson image
Dante Pereira-Olson as 5 Year Old Bradford (voice)
Default cast image
Zack Robidas as Bradford's Dad (voice)
Default cast image
Sophie Auster as Gabrielle
Michael Crane image
Michael Crane as Man
Dean Neistat image
Dean Neistat as Mounted Policeman
Danielle M. Williamson image
Danielle M. Williamson as Student with Backpack (uncredited)
James Rutledge image
James Rutledge as Board Member
Doug Yasuda image
Doug Yasuda as Orchestra Member 1
Christine Toy Johnson image
Christine Toy Johnson as Orchestra Member 2
Default cast image
Brandon S. Martinez as Ball Kid
Maeve McGuire image
Maeve McGuire as Board Member
Julia Effertz image
Julia Effertz as Musician (uncredited)
Default cast image
Logan Fry as Concert Spectator in Tuxedo (uncredited)
Wayne J. Miller image
Wayne J. Miller as Musician (uncredited)
Default cast image
Prima Apollinaare as Wilhemina
Default cast image
Daria Pascal Attolini as Carlita
Alan Cappelli Goetz image
Alan Cappelli Goetz as Mime
Default cast image
Kangmin Justin Kim as Impersonator
Default cast image
Rita Duran as Rocker (uncredited)
Rosaria D'Urso image
Rosaria D'Urso as Francesca
Nico Muhly image
Nico Muhly as Nico Muhly
Default cast image
Paul Rescigno as Waiter
Danny Glover image
Danny Glover as Mayor
Default cast image
Elisabetta Bonino as Saleswoman
Default cast image
Kristin Mercedes Bence as EDM Dancer / Fan (uncredited)
Default cast image
Antonio Pauletta as Orchestra Translator
Sonia Villani image
Sonia Villani as Anika
Plácido Domingo image
Plácido Domingo as Plácido Domingo
Default cast image
Paolo Paolini as Archbishop
Default cast image
Giuseppe Sartori as Simulcast Director
Amos VanderPoel image
Amos VanderPoel as VR Stage Manager
Charlie Moss image
Charlie Moss as Russian Conductor
Default cast image
Bernard Uzan as French Conductor
Marisa Brau-Reyes image
Marisa Brau-Reyes as Perky Receptionist
Default cast image
Thomas Schall as German Conductor
Default cast image
Eli Bridges as Street Musician
John C. Vennema image
John C. Vennema as Older Man / Christophe's Dad
Default cast image
Marie Smalley as Orchestra Management (uncredited)
Ronald Guttman image
Ronald Guttman as Bach
Chip Zien image
Chip Zien as Larry the Night Watchman
Susan Coyne image
Susan Coyne as Lily Cramer
Viola Harris image
Viola Harris as Kay Windsor
Default cast image
Jerry Matz as Leslie Windsor
Maria-Christina Oliveras image
Maria-Christina Oliveras as Linda
John Rue image
John Rue as Doctor
Default cast image
Prema Cruz as Sara Kazmir
Teodorina Bello image
Teodorina Bello as Elida
Default cast image
Nico Bustamante as Jordan
Default cast image
Vít Hořejš as Czech Puppeteer
Default cast image
Jason Shelton as Lizzie's Server
Anna Suzuki image
Anna Suzuki as Terry the Stage Manager
Thorgy Thor image
Thorgy Thor as Thorgy Thor
Ana Villafañe image
Ana Villafañe as Rodrigo's Wife
Default cast image
Zakiya Young as Administrative Assistant
Default cast image
Manuk Aret as Fritz
Teddy Coluca image
Teddy Coluca as Diner
Caleb Eberhardt image
Caleb Eberhardt as Ferndale Musician
Linda Powell image
Linda Powell as Mrs. Kolb
J. Smith-Cameron image
J. Smith-Cameron as Amy Rutledge
Default cast image
Jenna Qureshi as Rachel
Default cast image
Terri Weagant as Coordinator
Sissy Sheridan image
Sissy Sheridan as Hailey's Music Classmate (uncredited)
Christine Chang image
Christine Chang as Japanese Waiter
Default cast image
James Dwyer as Head Building Inspector
Default cast image
Caroline Shaw as Caroline Shaw
Default cast image
Larry Chan as Building Inspector (uncredited)
Default cast image
Laura Rothschild as Upscale Theatre Patron (uncredited)
Ross Brodar image
Ross Brodar as Biker
Shannon Plumb image
Shannon Plumb as Isabella Leonarda
Default cast image
Rachel Schur as Singer #3
Dean Ciallella image
Dean Ciallella as Party Guest (uncredited)
Bryce Lorenzo image
Bryce Lorenzo as Janelle (uncredited)
George Aloi image
George Aloi as Arnar (uncredited)
Default cast image
Shusaku Kakizawa as Music Critic
Default cast image
Masa Kokubo as Patron (Cultist)
Default cast image
Nozomi de Lencquesaing as Phillippe (uncredited)
Ryoko Kobayashi image
Ryoko Kobayashi as Hedgehog Café Waitress
Default cast image
Alicia Shumway as Aki
Joan Jett image
Joan Jett as Joan Jett
Default cast image
Sonya Balsara as Madrigal Singer
Miri Ben-Ari image
Miri Ben-Ari as Miri Ben-Ari
Default cast image
Pablo Heras-Casado as Pablo Heras-Casado
Default cast image
Nathan Salstone as Singer #4
Default cast image
Nadia Sirota as Nadia Sirota
Bradley Gibson image
Bradley Gibson as Ballet Team Capt
Default cast image
Kevin Cano as Soccer Player
Nicole Lewis image
Nicole Lewis as Donor #1
Marion McCorry image
Marion McCorry as Cat Lady

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