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TV Series
8.6 2022

19.28% of users on Odanta have watched this.

In a dystopia riddled with corruption and cybernetic implants, a talented but reckless street kid strives to become a mercenary outlaw — an edgerunner.

KENN image
KENN as David Martinez (voice)
Kento Shiraishi image
Kento Shiraishi as NCPD Officer (voice)
Aoi Yuki image
Aoi Yuki as Lucy (voice)
Takako Honda image
Takako Honda as Kiwi (voice)
Kazuhiko Inoue image
Kazuhiko Inoue as Faraday (voice)
Kenjiro Tsuda image
Kenjiro Tsuda as Ripperdoc (voice)
Tomoyo Kurosawa image
Tomoyo Kurosawa as Rebecca (voice)
Yasuyuki Kase image
Yasuyuki Kase as Falco (voice)
Hiroki Touchi image
Hiroki Touchi as Maine (voice)
Michiko Kaiden image
Michiko Kaiden as Dorio (voice)
Kaito Ishikawa image
Kaito Ishikawa as Katsuo (voice)
Hidenari Ugaki image
Hidenari Ugaki as The Principal (voice)
Default cast image
Tetsuo Komura as Tanaka (voice)
Tomoko Shiota image
Tomoko Shiota as Kate (voice)
Hiroshi Yanaka image
Hiroshi Yanaka as Douglas (voice)
Default cast image
Atsuko Sakuraoka as The AI Teacher (voice)
Yohei Matsuoka image
Yohei Matsuoka as Katsuo's Goon (voice)
Emiko Takeuchi image
Emiko Takeuchi as Trauma Team Member (voice)
Takeshi Hirabayashi image
Takeshi Hirabayashi as Max-Tac Officer (voice)
Shunpei Kusano image
Shunpei Kusano as The Landlord (voice)
Anna Nagase image
Anna Nagase as Boxer (voice)
Ryo Shimokawa image
Ryo Shimokawa as Trauma Team Member (voice)
Default cast image
Yusuke Sasaki as Militech Soldier (voice)
Ryosuke Higa image
Ryosuke Higa as Militech Soldier (voice)
Hiroki Matsukawa image
Hiroki Matsukawa as NCPD Officer (voice)
Megumi Sano image
Megumi Sano as Weather Presenter (voice)
Seiyu Fujiwara image
Seiyu Fujiwara as Militech Soldier (voice)
Hayato Kimura image
Hayato Kimura as Animal (voice)
Yurika Hino image
Yurika Hino as Gloria Martinez (voice)
Wataru Takagi image
Wataru Takagi as Pilar (voice)
Haruka Jinya image
Haruka Jinya as Trauma Team Member (voice)
Akira Kuwabara image
Akira Kuwabara as Gillean Jordan (voice)
Hitoshi Bifu image
Hitoshi Bifu as Clinic Doctor (voice)
Kotomi Aihara image
Kotomi Aihara as Trauma Team Member (voice)
Atsushi Tamaru image
Atsushi Tamaru as Marcus (voice)
Ayano Hamaguchi image
Ayano Hamaguchi as Medic (voice)
Takanori Hoshino image
Takanori Hoshino as Maxim (voice)
Masaomi Yamahashi image
Masaomi Yamahashi as Tyger Claw (voice)
Akira Koga image
Akira Koga as Tyger Claw (voice)
Default cast image
Marina Mizusaki as Boxer (voice)
Tomomichi Nishimura image
Tomomichi Nishimura as Aldo (voice)
Shouto Kashii image
Shouto Kashii as Cyberpsycho (voice)
Yoshito Yasuhara image
Yoshito Yasuhara as Jimmy Kurosaki (JK) (voice)
Shigeo Kiyama image
Shigeo Kiyama as Delamain (voice)
Hikaru Tanaka image
Hikaru Tanaka as NCPD Officer (voice)
Shomaru Zouza image
Shomaru Zouza as Trauma Team Member (voice)
Kaoru Katakai image
Kaoru Katakai as Wakako (voice)
Soma Saito image
Soma Saito as Julio (voice)
Minoru Hirota image
Minoru Hirota as Jamie (Netrunner) (voice)
Tsuguo Mogami image
Tsuguo Mogami as Maelstrom (voice)
Miho Shinada image
Miho Shinada as Maelstrom (voice)
Tomoyuki Shimura image
Tomoyuki Shimura as Evans (voice)
Sayaka Ohara image
Sayaka Ohara as Yumiko (voice)
Takayuki Nakatsukasa image
Takayuki Nakatsukasa as Man in the Car (voice)
Default cast image
Haruka Matsudaira as Tyger Claw (voice)
Default cast image
Shigeru Toyoda as Tyger Claw (voice)
Yuki Ominami image
Yuki Ominami as Tyger Claw (voice)
Yuki Arai image
Yuki Arai as Animal (voice)
Takuya Makimura image
Takuya Makimura as Animal (voice)
Ken Mizukoshi image
Ken Mizukoshi as Animal (voice)
Hiroko Kiso image
Hiroko Kiso as Animal (voice)
Default cast image
Yukihiro Misono as Adam Smasher (voice)
DJ.KNIKE image
DJ.KNIKE as Radio DJ (voice)

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