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7.1 2016

8.07% of users on Odanta have watched this.

A week in the life of Paterson, a poet bus driver, and his wife Laura, a very creative artist, who live in Paterson, New Jersey, hometown of many famous poets and artists.

Adam Driver image
Adam Driver as Paterson
Golshifteh Farahani image
Golshifteh Farahani as Laura
Barry Shabaka Henley image
Barry Shabaka Henley as Doc
Method Man image
Method Man as Method Man
Chasten Harmon image
Chasten Harmon as Marie
William Jackson Harper image
William Jackson Harper as Everett
Masatoshi Nagase image
Masatoshi Nagase as Japanese Poet
Nellie image
Nellie as Marvin
Rizwan Manji image
Rizwan Manji as Donny
Default cast image
Dominic Liriano as Boy on Bus 1
Jaden Michael image
Jaden Michael as Boy on Bus 2
Trevor Parham image
Trevor Parham as Sam
Troy T. Parham image
Troy T. Parham as Dave
Brian McCarthy image
Brian McCarthy as Jimmy
Default cast image
Frank Harts as Luis
Luis Da Silva Jr. image
Luis Da Silva Jr. as Blood in Convertible
Default cast image
Kacey Cockett as Woman in Red
Kara Hayward image
Kara Hayward as Female Student
Jared Gilman image
Jared Gilman as Male Student
Sterling Jerins image
Sterling Jerins as Young Poet
Johnnie Mae image
Johnnie Mae as Doc's Wife
Default cast image
Helen-Jean Arthur as Older Woman 1
Default cast image
Joan Kendall as Older Woman 2
Owen Asztalos image
Owen Asztalos as Small Boy 1
Jorge Vega image
Jorge Vega as Small Boy 2
Sophia Muller image
Sophia Muller as Small Girl

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