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The Lobster

7.0 2015

6.73% of users on Odanta have watched this.

In a dystopian near future, single people, according to the laws of The City, are taken to The Hotel, where they are obliged to find a romantic partner in forty-five days or are transformed into animals and sent off into The Woods.

Colin Farrell image
Colin Farrell as David
Rachel Weisz image
Rachel Weisz as Short Sighted Woman
Jessica Barden image
Jessica Barden as Nosebleed Woman
Olivia Colman image
Olivia Colman as Hotel Manager
Ashley Jensen image
Ashley Jensen as Biscuit Woman
Ariane Labed image
Ariane Labed as The Maid
Angeliki Papoulia image
Angeliki Papoulia as Heartless Woman
John C. Reilly image
John C. Reilly as Robert (Lisping Man)
LΓ©a Seydoux image
LΓ©a Seydoux as Loner Leader
Michael Smiley image
Michael Smiley as Loner Swimmer
Ben Whishaw image
Ben Whishaw as John (Limping Man)
Jacqueline Abrahams image
Jacqueline Abrahams as Donkey Shooter
Roger Ashton-Griffiths image
Roger Ashton-Griffiths as Doctor
Anthony Dougall image
Anthony Dougall as 70 Year Old Waiter
Sean Duggan image
Sean Duggan as Guard Waiter
Default cast image
Roland Ferrandi as Loner Leader's Father
Default cast image
James Finnegan as Bald Man
Default cast image
Robert Heaney as Restaurant Waiter
Rosanna Hoult image
Rosanna Hoult as David's Wife
Default cast image
Jaro as Bob the Dog
Default cast image
Ryac as Bob the Dog
Default cast image
Kathy Kelly as Police Officer 1
Ewen MacIntosh image
Ewen MacIntosh as Trainer Waiter (Shooting Range)
Default cast image
Patrick Malone as Campari Man
Default cast image
Sandra Hayden Mason as Arrested Town Woman
Default cast image
Kevin McCormack as Police Officer 2
Default cast image
Ishmael Moalosi as Bandaged Loner
Default cast image
Anthony Moriarty as 30 Year Old Waiter
Garry Mountaine image
Garry Mountaine as Hotel Manager's Partner
Default cast image
Judi King Murphy as Guest Room 104
Default cast image
Laoise Murphy as New Daughter
Default cast image
Imelda Nagle Ryan as Loner Leader's Mother
Default cast image
Nancy Onu as Hotel Receptionist
Default cast image
Matthew O'Brien as Trapped Loner
Emma O'Shea image
Emma O'Shea as Nosebleed Woman's Best Friend
Default cast image
Chris Threader as Coach Driver Waiter
Default cast image
Cian Boylan as Piano Player
Default cast image
Clive Dev as Hotel Guest
Degnan Geraghty image
Degnan Geraghty as Waiter
Default cast image
Heidi Ellen Love as Waitress
Default cast image
Dolores Marren as Waitress
Default cast image
Mark McCormack as Waiter
Default cast image
Stephen Ryan as Hotel Guest

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