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6.9 2013

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In a village, a young archaeologist falls in love with a landlord's daughter. Their union seems doomed. But destiny brings them together a year later. Will they live happily ever after?

Ranveer Singh image
Ranveer Singh as Varun Srivastav
Sonakshi Sinha image
Sonakshi Sinha as Pakhi Roychoudhary
Adil Hussain image
Adil Hussain as K. N. Singh
Vikrant Massey image
Vikrant Massey as Devdas
Arif Zakaria image
Arif Zakaria as Bajpai
Barun Chanda image
Barun Chanda as Zamindar Soumitra Roychowdhury
Divya Dutta image
Divya Dutta as Shyama
Default cast image
Shirin Guha as Devyani
Amit Saha image
Amit Saha Not known

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