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7.8 2015

7.17% of users on Odanta have watched this.

The true story of how the Boston Globe uncovered the massive scandal of child molestation and cover-up within the local Catholic Archdiocese, shaking the entire Catholic Church to its core.

Mark Ruffalo image
Mark Ruffalo as Michael Rezendes
Michael Keaton image
Michael Keaton as Walter 'Robby' Robinson
Rachel McAdams image
Rachel McAdams as Sacha Pfeiffer
Liev Schreiber image
Liev Schreiber as Marty Baron
John Slattery image
John Slattery as Ben Bradlee Jr.
Stanley Tucci image
Stanley Tucci as Mitchell Garabedian
Brian d'Arcy James image
Brian d'Arcy James as Matt Carroll
Gene Amoroso image
Gene Amoroso as Steve Kurkjian
Billy Crudup image
Billy Crudup as Eric Macleish
Default cast image
Maureen Keiller as Eileen McNamara
Paul Guilfoyle image
Paul Guilfoyle as Peter Conley
Len Cariou image
Len Cariou as Cardinal Law
Neal Huff image
Neal Huff as Phil Saviano
Michael Cyril Creighton image
Michael Cyril Creighton as Joe Crowley
Laurie Heineman image
Laurie Heineman as Judge Sweeney
Tim Progosh image
Tim Progosh as Principal Bill Kemeza
Default cast image
Elena Wohl as Barbara
Doug Murray image
Doug Murray as Peter Canellos
Sharon McFarlane image
Sharon McFarlane as Helen Donovan
Jamey Sheridan image
Jamey Sheridan as Jim Sullivan
Robert B. Kennedy image
Robert B. Kennedy as Court Clerk Mark
Duane Murray image
Duane Murray as Hansi Kalkofen
Default cast image
Brian Chamberlain as Paul Burke
Michael Countryman image
Michael Countryman as Richard Gilman
Tim Whalen image
Tim Whalen as Young Cop
Default cast image
Brad Borbridge as Sports Editor
Default cast image
Don Allison as Bishop
Patty Ross image
Patty Ross as Linda
Paloma NuΓ±ez image
Paloma NuΓ±ez as Garabedian's Receptionist
Robert Clarke image
Robert Clarke as Judge Volterra
Gary Galone image
Gary Galone as Jack Dunn
David Fraser image
David Fraser as Jon Albano
Paulette Sinclair image
Paulette Sinclair as Receptionist at Judge's Chambers
Elena Juatco image
Elena Juatco as Guest List Woman
Default cast image
Nancy Villone as Maryetta Dussourd
Wendy Merry image
Wendy Merry as Female Editor
Siobhan Murphy image
Siobhan Murphy as Intern
Eileen Padua image
Eileen Padua as Sacha's Grandmother
Darrin Baker image
Darrin Baker as Middle Age Priest at St. Peter's
Joe Stapleton image
Joe Stapleton as Older Cop
Jimmy LeBlanc image
Jimmy LeBlanc as Patrick McSorley
Default cast image
Neion George as Waiter at Gala
Laurie Murdoch image
Laurie Murdoch as Wilson Rogers
Zarrin Darnell-Martin image
Zarrin Darnell-Martin as Intern Wanda
Krista Morin image
Krista Morin as Young Reporter
Paula Barrett image
Paula Barrett as Jim's Wife
Default cast image
Mairtin O'Carrigan as Stewart
Rob deLeeuw image
Rob deLeeuw as Herald Reporter Quimby
Nancy E. Carroll image
Nancy E. Carroll as Jane Paquin
Anthony Paolucci image
Anthony Paolucci as Kevin
Michele Proude image
Michele Proude as Lisa Tuite
Richard O'Rourke image
Richard O'Rourke as Ronald Paquin
Dennis Lynch image
Dennis Lynch as Clerk O'Brian
Stefanie Drummond image
Stefanie Drummond as Sheila
Default cast image
Mark McGrinder as Weeping Man
Richard Fitzpatrick image
Richard Fitzpatrick as Rectory Priest
Tom Driscoll image
Tom Driscoll as Disgruntled Man
Default cast image
Jeffrey Samai as Library Security
Moira Driscoll image
Moira Driscoll as Woman Interviewee
Forrest Weber image
Forrest Weber as Angry Man
Default cast image
Doreen Spencer as Older Southie Woman
Janet Pinnick image
Janet Pinnick as Receptionist
Default cast image
Shannon McDonough as Receptionist
Default cast image
Shannon Ruth as Girl at Garabedian's
Default cast image
Daniel Ruth as Boy at Garabedian's
Jennifer Ruth image
Jennifer Ruth as Mother at Garabedian's
Timothy Mooney image
Timothy Mooney as Bad Priest
Bruce-Robert Serafin image
Bruce-Robert Serafin as Boston Globe Security Guard
Donna Sue Jahier image
Donna Sue Jahier as Angry Man's Sister
Default cast image
Edward Brickley as Red Sox Announcer
Default cast image
Brett Cramp as Middle Aged Man
Richard Jenkins image
Richard Jenkins as Richard Sipe (voice) (uncredited)
John Franchi image
John Franchi as Pedestrian (uncredited)
Martin Roach image
Martin Roach as Cop in Coffee Shop
Elena Khan image
Elena Khan as Boston Reporter
Default cast image
Teresa Wilson as Maureen
Default cast image
Amy Whalen as Pedestrian (uncredited)
Default cast image
Peter Lewis Walsh as Red Sox Fan (uncredited)
Lance Norris image
Lance Norris as Driver (uncredited)

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