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Goodbye First Love

6.3 2011

A 15-year-old discovers the joys and heartaches of first love with an older teen, but in the ensuing years, cannot seem to move past their breakup.

Lola Créton image
Lola Créton as Camille
Sebastian Urzendowsky image
Sebastian Urzendowsky as Sullivan
Valérie Bonneton image
Valérie Bonneton as Camille's Mother
Magne-Håvard Brekke image
Magne-Håvard Brekke as Lorenz
Serge Renko image
Serge Renko as Camille's Father
Özay Fecht image
Özay Fecht as Sullivan's Mother
Default cast image
Max Ricat as Sullivan's Brother
Default cast image
Louis Dunbar as Friend
Philippe Paimblanc image
Philippe Paimblanc as The first antique dealer
Default cast image
Patrice Movermann as The second antique dealer
Default cast image
Arnaud Azoulay as Camille's Brother
Amélie Robin image
Amélie Robin as High school friend
Default cast image
Justine Dhouailly as High school friend
Default cast image
Charlotte Faivre as The head hostess
Default cast image
François Buot as History teacher
Default cast image
Elisabeth Guill as English teacher
Default cast image
Marie-Hélène Peyrat as French teacher
Guy-Patrick Sainderichin image
Guy-Patrick Sainderichin as Architecture teacher
Default cast image
Grégoire Strecker as The night clubber
Jean-Paul Dubois image
Jean-Paul Dubois as The demolition contractor
Éric Fraticelli image
Éric Fraticelli as The site manager
Default cast image
Frédéric Liévain as Doctor
Meinhard St. John image
Meinhard St. John as Museum Director

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