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7.3 2021

17.94% of users on Odanta have watched this.

Two cops undercover trailing a fugitive enter a hamlet inside a dense forest. At every turn, they encounter a mysterious character who further misleads them into new labyrinths.

Vinay Forrt image
Vinay Forrt as Shajivan
Chemban Vinod Jose image
Chemban Vinod Jose as Antony
Jaffer Idukki image
Jaffer Idukki as Toddy Shop Manager
Geethi Sangeetha image
Geethi Sangeetha as Pengal Thanka
Joju George image
Joju George as Thankan
Lukman Avaran image
Lukman Avaran as Moonji Biju
Surjith image
Surjith as Shooter
Default cast image
Hariprashanth M G as Kudakan
Soubin Shahir image
Soubin Shahir as Joy

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