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The Trial of the Chicago 7

7.7 2020

5.83% of users on Odanta have watched this.

What was supposed to be a peaceful protest turned into a violent clash with the police. What followed was one of the most notorious trials in history.

Eddie Redmayne image
Eddie Redmayne as Tom Hayden
Sacha Baron Cohen image
Sacha Baron Cohen as Abbie Hoffman
Joseph Gordon-Levitt image
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Richard Schultz
Michael Keaton image
Michael Keaton as Ramsey Clark
Frank Langella image
Frank Langella as Judge Julius Hoffman
John Carroll Lynch image
John Carroll Lynch as David Dellinger
Mark Rylance image
Mark Rylance as William Kunstler
Alex Sharp image
Alex Sharp as Rennie Davis
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II image
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Bobby Seale
Jeremy Strong image
Jeremy Strong as Jerry Rubin
Noah Robbins image
Noah Robbins as Lee Weiner
Danny Flaherty image
Danny Flaherty as John Froines
Ben Shenkman image
Ben Shenkman as Leonard Weinglass
Kelvin Harrison Jr. image
Kelvin Harrison Jr. as Fred Hampton
Caitlin FitzGerald image
Caitlin FitzGerald as Agent Daphne O'Connor
Alice Kremelberg image
Alice Kremelberg as Bernadine
J. C. MacKenzie image
J. C. MacKenzie as Thomas Foran
John Doman image
John Doman as John Mitchell
Wayne Duvall image
Wayne Duvall as Detective Deluca
Damian Young image
Damian Young as Howard Ackerman
C.J. Wilson image
C.J. Wilson as Sergeant Scott Scibelli
Brady Jenness image
Brady Jenness as David Dellinger's Son
Meghan Rafferty image
Meghan Rafferty as Mrs. Dellinger
Juliette Angelo image
Juliette Angelo as Juror 6
Brendan Burke image
Brendan Burke as Bailiff
Tah von Allmen image
Tah von Allmen as Mrs. Winter
Default cast image
Alan Metoskie as Allen Ginsberg
Default cast image
John Gawlik as Policeman That Arrests Jerry
Kevin O'Donnell image
Kevin O'Donnell as Bar Patron 1
Gavin Haag image
Gavin Haag as Bar Patron 2
Tiffany Denise Hobbs image
Tiffany Denise Hobbs as Sondra
Steve Routman image
Steve Routman as David Stahl
Default cast image
Madison Nichols as Demonstrator
John F. Carpenter image
John F. Carpenter as Detective Bell
Larry Mitchell image
Larry Mitchell as Detective Frapoly
Default cast image
Mike Geraghty as Detective Sam McGiven
Mike Brunlieb image
Mike Brunlieb as Eddie
Default cast image
James Pravasilis as Egg Throwing Crowd Member
Default cast image
Vic Kuligoski as Frat Boy 1
Brandon Fierro image
Brandon Fierro as Frat Boy 2
Default cast image
Calvin Ticknor-Swanson as Frat Boy 3
Default cast image
Gabrielle Perrea as Girl in Beret
Michelle Hurst image
Michelle Hurst as Housekeeper Jane
Default cast image
Tony Lawry as Man
Kathleen Garrett image
Kathleen Garrett as Mitchell's Secretary
Default cast image
Matt LeFevour as Officer 1
Default cast image
Christian Litke as Officer 2
Max Adler image
Max Adler as Officer Wojohowski
Default cast image
Michael Bassett as Officer Quinn
Shawn Parsons image
Shawn Parsons as Policeman in Haymarket
Default cast image
Julian Hester as Policeman on Bullhorn
Default cast image
John Quilty as Reporter Jack
Kate Miller image
Kate Miller as Reporter Majorie
Edward Fletcher image
Edward Fletcher as Reporter Sy
Blair Lewin image
Blair Lewin as Woman in Tavern
Default cast image
Jessica Wood as Bartender
Default cast image
Steven Komito as Marshal
Default cast image
Marco Lama as Someone in the Crowd
Ben Kass image
Ben Kass as Reporter 7
Default cast image
Gabriel Franken as Reporter 8
Default cast image
Ed Flynn as Reporter 9
Alex Henderson image
Alex Henderson as Young Man
David Fierro image
David Fierro as Bailiff 2
Default cast image
Sam Nelson Harris as Band Lead Singer
Default cast image
Marlee Mendelson as Band Member
Default cast image
Hana Chew as Band Member
Default cast image
Ashley Trumbo as Band Member
Default cast image
Allison Trumbo as Band Member
Default cast image
Shane Skidmore as Band Member
Default cast image
Jeffrey Yonkus as Band Member
Default cast image
Maria Jacobson as Band Member
Default cast image
Brendan Brown as Band Member
Default cast image
Dan MacDonald as Band Member
Default cast image
Keeley Morris as Female Protester
Default cast image
Thomas John Gallagher as Radio Cop
Michael A. Dean image
Michael A. Dean as Carl Oglesby
Default cast image
Elizabeth Holder as Juror 11
Lex Elle image
Lex Elle as Riot Cop (uncredited)

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