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Before Sunset

7.8 2004

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Nine years later, Jesse travels across Europe giving readings from a book he wrote about the night he spent in Vienna with Celine. After his reading in Paris, Celine finds him, and they spend part of the day together before Jesse has to again leave for a flight. They are both in relationships now, and Jesse has a son, but as their strong feelings for each other start to return, both confess a longing for more.

Ethan Hawke image
Ethan Hawke as Jesse Wallace
Julie Delpy image
Julie Delpy as Céline
Vernon Dobtcheff image
Vernon Dobtcheff as Bookstore Manager
Louise Lemoine Torrès image
Louise Lemoine Torrès as Journalist #1
Rodolphe Pauly image
Rodolphe Pauly as Journalist #2
Mariane Plasteig image
Mariane Plasteig as Waitress
Diabolo image
Diabolo as Philippe
Default cast image
Denis Evrard as Boat Attendant
Albert Delpy image
Albert Delpy as Man at Grill
Marie Pillet image
Marie Pillet as Woman in Courtyard

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