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7.2 1957

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Vijay, a destitute poet, searches for true love while attempting to get his work published. With the assistance of two women in his life, his dream comes true - but at a cost that causes Vijay to rethink his worldview.

Guru Dutt image
Guru Dutt as Vijay
Waheeda Rehman image
Waheeda Rehman as Gulabo
Mala Sinha image
Mala Sinha as Meena
Johnny Walker image
Johnny Walker as Abdul Sattar
Rehman image
Rehman as Mr. Ghosh
Kumkum image
Kumkum as Juhi
Leela Mishra image
Leela Mishra as Vijay's Mother
Default cast image
Shyam Kapoor as Shyam
Mehmood image
Mehmood as Vijay's brother
Default cast image
Radheshyam Not known
Tun Tun image
Tun Tun as Pushplata
Default cast image
Maya Dass Not known
Default cast image
Moni Chatterjee as Chatterjee
Default cast image
Ashita Not known
Default cast image
Neel Kamal Not known
Default cast image
Mohan Sandow Not known
Default cast image
Rajendra as (as Rajendar)

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